Professional Baccalaureate 2022: What will you need on exam day?

Professional Baccalaureate 2022: What will you need on exam day?

The written examinations for the professional baccalaureate will be held in 2022 From 14 to 24 June, With the weekend on June 18 and 19. Final year students prepare for this exam for several years and sometimes, Pressure can take over and make mistakes.

Every student reacts differently to stress. Some find themselves paralyzed while proving to others useful. In fact, it is a condition that you should know how to tame. Good doses, that becomes an ally to be effective during trials, It enhances ability. But if it gets out of hand, it quickly becomes invasive.

The most important thing to avoid being overwhelmed by stress is to be organized in Documents And the stationary To bring Snack especially sleep pattern.

What documents to bring?

The regulation of the baccalaureate is very precise and very strict, it is important that Come with specific documents to certify their identity. If the student is not on D-Day, they may be sent home and considered absent from the test, which will have a value of 0.

First of all, everyone who takes the baccalaureate exam must present an identity document. just one National ID card, passport or driver’s license been accepted. If a high school student gets robbed or loses his ID, he should go get a Declaration of loss or theft at the police station. The document that will be issued to him while waiting for the creation of his new identity document will be sufficient for the baccalaureate.

A high school student who takes the bac also needs him summoning in every test. It is advisable to keep it in a bag to prevent it from winding up in pieces before the end of the tests. Invitations are distributed by schools to students. The address of the institution where the student will take the exams is indicated there, ID and candidate number (BEA, formerly INE).

In case of justified delay due to transportation problem, you can provide proof from your city transportation authority. However, the reason for the delay must be exceptional (strike), And not just a simple delay in regulation. Reminder, The school is not obligated to accept late studentseven if they have a guide, and it is highly recommended to plan to arrive at least 1 hour in advance, to avoid any risk of delay.

What supplies should you remember?

Before the baccalaureate exam, it is important to be well prepared. So don’t plan everything at the last minute. The best thing is to pack your bag with everything you need the day before the test. So put in your bag your invitation and identification document, as well as the supplies you will need during the exam.

Copies of exams and draft papers will be provided to you when you arrive in the room, but You have to bring the rest. Above all else, don’t forget your pens, colored pencils and fine pens for geographic maps, your calculator with recharged batteries, and your engineering equipment. Also remember to take a watch (excluding connected watches) because you will not be allowed to bring your phone with you and you will not necessarily be lined up with the watch. Check the day before the test that everything is ready and in your bag You will avoid the night stress that will prevent you from sleeping well.

Experiences can be long and tiring. You are allowed to bring a snack to re-energize you during the test. Think of a large water bottle. It will be very hot during the two weeks of the test and it is important to stay hydrated. As for what to eat, avoid anything heavy on your stomach, as it tends to make you sleepy. Also avoid anything that smells very strong, so as not to disturb your classmates. Choose a piece of fruit or cerealPractical for pregnancy and full of good energies.

Get fit and relax

Obviously, the best way to get fit and pass your bac is to get a good night’s sleep the night before. It is advisable to go to bed around 10 pm, just to take advantage of the 8 hours of sleep necessary to rest well. Avoid going to bed after midnight at all costs! This rhythm should be taken as quickly as possible to avoid insomnia the day before the test.

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