The Biggest Franchise Cast News (Week of June 06) - CNET - ApparelGeek

The Biggest Franchise Cast News (Week of June 06) – CNET – ApparelGeek

a lot happened in fiancé 90 days The world of acting this week, and here’s a quick roundup of the rumors and news swirling around TLC viewers. Fans discovered that the UK version of fiancé 90 days It launches in July, and the pairs already have some messy stories that viewers are looking forward to. Some fans are also bored fiancé 90 days Season 9, this international version of the reality show can bring new excitement to fans who crave drama.

Meanwhile, a beloved couple has split up, following divorce rumors that fans have seen online this year. A former cast member accused of being a gold digger has proven everyone wrong with her latest feat. Of course, there are also celebrity weight loss stories from the franchise to inspire and entertain fans. 90 Days Fate: Love in Heaven Season 2 also arrived in Discovery Plus, and it looks a lot better this time, from what fiancé 90 days Fans watched it during the first episode.

new season 90 days of records He returns to TLC this week. It will feature many interesting names, such as Zaid Hakimi, Rebecca Barrott, Stephanie Matto and Colt Johnson. There is never a dull moment in fiancé 90 days Globalism. However, some headlines look more shocking than others. Here’s a quick summary of the best news:

Aswell confirms her split from Kalani

plural fiancé 90 days The couple Kalani and Asuelu officially ended their relationship. Fans found out what was going on in their lives when the Samoan man discussed the split in an Instagram post, claiming he was single. Kalani and Asuelo had problems since the beginning of their journey in Season 6, but due to their two unexpected pregnancies, the couple got married. When did they last appear in 90 days of records, Kalani and Asuelo fought on camera, and she later revealed that he unfollowed and blocked her on IG. Kalani declined to comment further on their marital status, but Asuelu shared an old video of the two of them dancing, revealing that they had stopped communicating with each other. However, some fans refuse to believe that Asuelu is single, as he still lives in Kalani’s house and may have had a divorce with her to spark interest in both of them. fiancé 90 days a trip.

Anfisa Business School Alumni

In May 2020, controversy fiancé 90 days Cast member Anfisa revealed that she enrolled at the University of California, Irvine to pursue a degree in business administration with a focus on finance. Anfisa told an Instagram follower that she has a GPA of 4.0 and that she is not planning to take out a student loan. After joining UC Irvine Paul Merage School of Business, Anfisa started her new life in San Diego and officially divorced from Jorge Nava. She also developed her career as a fitness trainer, influencer, and adult model, eventually graduating. The Russian took to Instagram to share photos and videos of her graduation ceremony and receiving her degree on stage.

Winter stuns in bikini photos after losing weight

while several fiancé 90 days The stars have shown progress in losing weight over the past couple of months, and the winter makeover is something fans love the most. Viewers saw that winter was going through a breakup with her old boyfriend Jah Chantelle familyBut she tried to move forward by focusing on her health and fitness. Chantel’s little sister, Winter, underwent bariatric surgery. He has since lost more than 50 pounds. Now Winter is not afraid to show off her success on social media. This time, winter made hearts flutter like a mermaid in a pink bikini as she hung under a waterfall.

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