Where to invest in real estate in 2022?

If we refer to the latest figures, then 2022, in the second half of it, will still be characterized by a rather difficult context (mainly due to the health crisis and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict). In real estate, this situation will translate into a continuous increase in borrowing rates. Of course, at the levels they are now, rates are still very low.

Conditions remain favorable for investment. But even in a scenario where indices will suddenly rise to record levels, the stone will still be a safe haven bet. So investments are always recommended. However, in which region/city should you invest in real estate in 2022? In which position will the investments be the most profitable (with an optimal return/risk ratio)?


Known for its historical heritage and comfortable way of life, Angers is currently one of the most favorable and promising destinations in terms of real estate investments. This beautiful city in the province of Maine-et-Loire entices with its excellent performance in new construction and dynamic rental market. Above all, compact surfaces are most in demand in Angers.

According to experts, driven by the strong attraction of the city (especially after the opening of the second tram line), activities should intensify and the trend should continue to a large extent in the coming months and years. Moreover, the city has been able to consolidate its achievements in recent years by offering more attractive rent tension and facilitating access to the real estate market.

In short, Angers is one of the ideal locations for long-term investments with a purchase price of 3000 euros per square meter on average for a total return of around 5%. Of course, in 2022, it will be difficult to fund projects because of the context. Therefore it is highly recommended to use a mortgage to supplement funds. To get a quick and correct estimate, a future buyer can simulate his or her mortgage with Cafpi.


The Lyon community benefits from a particularly advantageous geographic location as well as a favorable demographic framework. In addition, it also shows excellent results in terms of the real estate sector.
Lyon currently ranks second among the most expensive cities in France with prices around 5,300 euros per square meter (levels can vary greatly from region to region). However, despite the high level of tariffs, it is still particularly attractive for Pinel investments and even provides a total return of 6%.


Thanks to its economic dynamism and booming real estate market, today Aix-en-Provence is also one of the most attractive. The conglomerate has recorded a more than 12% increase in its prices over the past ten years. At the moment, the city is a good yielding site with a total rate of close to +8% (for an estimated purchase price of €2000 per square metre).

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