Your pet is unique, remember to protect it!

Your pet is unique, remember to protect it!

Protect them well because they are unique

Adopting a dog or cat is a great adventure. However, many owners underestimate the veterinary costs associated with the risk of disease or accidents. However, our animals can at any time in their lives develop pathology or require surgery. Due to the high health costs, getting insurance is an economical option that allows you to treat your mate while maintaining the family budget.

AGRIA is a leader in animal insurance

A historical player in animal health for 130 years, the Swedish company Agria Assurance pour Animaux has always been committed to improving the condition of animals in our community. In doing so it has gained expertise in the special needs related to companion animals that are recognized by animal sector professionals. This legitimacy allows them to offer personal insurance solutions for dogs and cats that meet the needs, expectations and desires of owners and cover diseases that are not traditionally covered (dysplasia, entropion, cataracts, etc.). Today, Agria Animal Insurance insures more than one million animals (dogs, cats, horses, NAC) throughout Europe.

Tailor-made offer with no restrictions on age or race

Agria Assurance pour Animaux offers unique insurance policies that cover both illnesses and accidents (consultations, exams, analyzes, surgery, hospitalization, etc.) without restrictions on age or race. Thus each owner is free to choose the most suitable insurance for his faithful companion, who will benefit from the same guarantees throughout his life at a fully controlled cost.

From only 4 euros a month!

Being able to meet the new expectations of the owners, Agria Assurance pour Animaux offers the most suitable health insurance in terms of profile and budget. Various options are offered (accident insurance, accident insurance + civil liability, “light” insurance, health + accident insurance tailored, etc.) allowing each owner to choose the annual repayment cap, reimbursement rate and discount. Thus, every animal, young or old, young or old, hybrid or purebred, benefits from the best possible health coverage from only €4** per month!

For all questions: or

Sign up without age limit, all races – unique in France!

Same guarantees for life

– Up to €7,200 in veterinary expenses reimbursed annually, the highest ceilings on the market

– Shortest waiting times: Your animal is covered in less than 24 hours for accidents and 20 days for illnesses

– There is no application fee

20% discount in the first year on puppy insurance and your kitten insurance** (and -10% in the second year)

– Minus 10% of the second insured ***

** €4.25/month: Example price noted – April 2022 for an Australian Shepherd puppy born on 06/01/2022, covered by Agria Accident Veterinary Care Insurance (accommodation section: 78)

*** See the conditions on or call our customer service on 01 88 32 24 00

Agria is present in 7 European countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, UK, France, Germany and recently acquired a company in this sector in Ireland.

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