Back de Velo 2022: How do you overcome stress?

Back de Velo 2022: How do you overcome stress?

Verified 06/14/2022 by Guillaume Tabbara, journalist

For many students, exams are synonymous with stress. Whether you’re a high school graduate or the parent of a student, here are some tips to avoid making the test more difficult than it is.

Therefore, the baccalaureate exam in philosophy will be held tomorrow. For two years, events have been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and this time they will be affected by high temperatures.

However, if there’s one limitation that keeps coming back, it’s stress. Here are several tips to avoid sweaty hands in front of your copy.

Have a good night’s sleep

If you have planned to extend your reviews until last night, until the last hour, to get the most knowledge in mind, change your plans.

The day before D-Day, it is essential not to wake up to give your body a good night’s sleep. It’s important that you get a good night’s sleep on the day of the test, so try to get to bed early enough.

Getting good sleep will allow you to maintain all your intellectual abilities and focus.

Prepare your things in advance

It may seem trivial, even very ridiculous, but preparing in advance will lighten some weight when you wake up.

You can pack your bag before going to bed, being careful not to forget anything. Think of your official documents.

Feel free to get your clothes ready in advance, they are decisions that may waste your time unnecessarily in the morning.


The latest reviews are often tempting, but they can add to your stress. If you think you’re ready, don’t feel guilty that you relaxed a bit, even the day before an important exam!

Depending on your taste and habits, change your mind, do the activities you love and free your mind!

Do not neglect rest periods and breathing exercises

When you’re in front of your copy, stress symptoms can fade, and focus and your brain’s work take precedence over the rest.

However, some people cannot get rid of their anxiety. If you lack inspiration, nothing will come to you, do not panic. The test is long enough, so take the time to ask yourself, to think carefully.

You can also put the test aside for a few minutes by doing breathing exercises. By releasing yourself from your stress, you will be more productive later on.

Anyway, no matter what exam you take, the team health passport I wish you good luck!

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