Breakfast: Lamar Jackson and Keeler Murray stick to their commitments

Breakfast: Lamar Jackson and Keeler Murray stick to their commitments

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– Dolphins was willing to put up the money for Sean Payton

– Tyreek Hill (Dolphins): “In terms of accuracy, I take Tua Tagovailoa instead of Patrick Mahomes”

– [L’équipe Type] Back corner: Galen Ramsey, head and shoulders

Lamar Jackson is in small camps in Baltimore…

While the Ravens are willing to negotiate with the best player in the previous league, Lamar Jackson (QB) It takes its time. The young quarterback is not an agent, and does not seem in a hurry to start negotiations with his club as he enters the final year of his rookie contract. He was not present at the first part of Baltimore’s spring training program, which was only voluntary. However, he joined his teammates on Monday for the mandatory stage, as revealed by Marlon Humphrey (CB) on Instagram.

…Keller Murray too

The crisis between Arizona and Keeler Murray (QB) He seems to have calmed down. The quarterback has attended some training sessions in recent weeks and will be present for the mandatory activities for the next few days. According to NFL Media, the midfielder has passed a necessary medical and will return to the field while financial negotiations continue behind the scenes.

Back to basics by Carlos Dunlap?

Double Pro Bowler in 2015 and 2016, Carlos Dunlap (DE) He’s spent the past two seasons with Seattle, where the veteran showed he had some serious leftovers with 8.5 sacks last year. The ex-South Carolina could consider going back to basics, as the Panthers have greeted him for a try according to ESPN. Carolina is already looking for an edge to make up for Haason Reddick (OLB)’s departure to Philadelphia.

Deshaun Watson: Two more actions on the way

Complaints will continue to pile up against Deshaun Watson (QB, Browns). Tony Busby, attorney for the 24 plaintiffs, confirmed to WEWS that two more complaints are expected soon.


Performing back surgery to solve a neurological problem affecting his calf and ankle, Darius Leonard (Left Back, Colts) Lots of training time should not be missed. Set to return early in the season, the stellar linebacker could finally be ready for summer camps. (

Things are not getting better for Derek Wolff (Derek, Ravens). Already absent throughout last season, the accelerator underwent a second pass this year. He announced this Monday in a video clip filmed from his hospital bed. There is no information yet on how long he will recover. Wolf is 32 years old.

– After 11 months of absence and several operations, Will Lutz (K, Saints) He returned to New Orleans. Kicker himself declared on Instagram that he is medically fit.

Terry Cleveland (WR, Broncos) He was injured in the first small camp practice. The receiver was removed from the field after being hit in the leg. (

Minicamps in short

– in full negotiations with Washington, Terry McLaurin (WR) He will not be participating in mandatory Commander Camps this week. In the final year of his contract with the apprentice, the recipient could be penalized with a $90,000 fine for wanting to play the balance of power. (ESPN)

– He is also in the last year of his contract, Jordan Boyer (small) He seeks a new deal with Buffalo. He changed agents, but decided to show his goodwill by appearing in the mandatory activities of the Small Bills Camps. (ESPN)

– Although Kyle Shanahan (HC, 49) decided last week to take a break until summer camp, not all of the San Francisco players are on vacation. Several Niners are still expected this week at team headquarters for further preparations, including Tree Lance (QB). But Deebo Samuel (WR) will not be there. (

– The Titans have recovered Jeffrey Simmons (DL) and Derek Henry (RB) For the mandatory opening of sessions. In the absence of the volunteer phase, the two players become eligible for new contracts after good seasons under the colors of Tennessee State. (

– He changed the spelling of his first name, changed his number, and even thought about retiring. But in the end Robbie Anderson (Panthers, WR) Exist in mandatory mini-camps in Carolina. (


Allen Lazard (WR) Lives in Green Bay. The recipient signed his bid as a free agent restricted in time to mandatory camps, avoiding a significant pay cut. He will be under contract for next season for $3.986 million, although he was hoping for a long-term commitment. (

Invaders bring depth to their air cover. The club just signed up Chris Jones (BC, former titans). (

Gerek McKinnon (Right Back) Re-signed for one season with Kansas City. (

– Dowries have occupied a place in their workforce in Evide Odenigbo (DE .)(formerly Brown). (

Jacoby Myers (WR) The Patriots continue to work on a long-term deal, but in the meantime the recipient has signed his bid for the restricted free agent equivalent to a second-round pick. He will get $4 million for the 2022 season (

– Buffalo announced the signing of the Greg Van Ruten (OG), former aircraft) for one season. (

Other signatures : Mike Pennell (DT, Beers), Andre Mintz (LB, Vikings), Evide Odingbow (Germany, Colts)


sections : Will Adams (DB, Leaders), Brian Johnson (JK, Leaders), Jamal Carter (LB, Titans), Dominic Eberle (JK, Packers), Jeremiah Ataucho (LB, Bears)


Daniel Equally (DT, Patriots) He is suspended for two regular games of the season, according to ESPN. The reason for the suspension was not specified.


Welcome to New Orleans David Johnson (Right Back), Texas ex) on Monday for the experiment. (


Bill Belichick (HC, Patriots) may complicate his conversion. During the Pardon My Take podcast, Professional Lacrosse League co-founder Paul Rabil announced that the legendary New England coach would be interested in a coaching position with the lacrosse team when his adventure in Massachusetts is over. (

McJones works deeply

If not for Ja’Marr Chase (WR, Bengals), McJones (QB, Patriots) He was one of the biggest finds last season and could have won the Rookie of the Year. However, like many beginners, his game isn’t quite as polished yet, and the young quarterback has been criticized for his accuracy in long plays. Fortunately, according to ESPN, Jones worked and improved significantly.

“We want to be able to do whatever we want at any time, whether it’s running, passing or playing – short distance, medium distance, long distance. We try to have some variety,” Jones told

Things are heating up between AJ Brown and Titans fans

It’s not uncommon to see fans hate a player being traded when they were such avid fans a few months ago. went to the eagles, AJ Brown (WR) He did not hesitate to respond to the sermons of his former fans on Twitter. Even when it comes to missed weather forecasts.

“For God’s sake, stay off social media. You really are a villain. You don’t have to become a stupid villain,” a Tennessee fan threw at him.

“For God’s sake, you were the best receiver you’ve ever played for your franchise. Shut up and move on. You’re mad at the wrong guy,” Brown replied.

Derek Mason (formerly WR) will appreciate attendees.

Russell Wilson will never be calm

As he was about to receive an honorary degree from Dartmouth College and prepare to address his fellow students, a student called Russell Wilson (QB, Denver) to remind him of one of the darkest hours of his career. …

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