Compensations, costs and benefits .. How much do 577 French deputies receive?

Compensations, costs and benefits .. How much do 577 French deputies receive?

In addition to a net allowance of approximately 5,700 euros per month, French MPs enjoy many benefits and reimbursement of expenses. However, it is far from being the best paid in Europe.

Are French MPs well paid? With a net compensation of €5679.71, it is clear that the elected representatives of Parliament should not be pitied. This bonus is 2.9 times the average salary that divides the French population in two and which in 2019 according to INSEE amounted to 1,940 euros per month.

This amount is divided, as determined by the National Assembly, into a parliamentary basic allowance totaling €5623.23, a subsistence allowance of €168.70 and a fee allowance of €1447.98, for a total of €7239.91, which gives €5679.71 net.

If we are talking about compensation and not salary, it is because the deputy can theoretically combine his job with a salaried one. But according to the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP), they will be less than 20% to conduct a professional activity even in the most minimalistic way in addition to their state.

But the MP’s income is not limited to this basic allowance, the value of which has been determined since 1938 by reference to the average salaries of civil servants “out of range”. To this amount are the expenses of authorizations. Each month the deputy receives an advance of €5,373 with which he will be able, for example, to pay the rent of his office in his constituency, training and documentation costs, rent a car, buy a wreath for a funeral and meals within her jurisdiction etc. . A list of authorized expenditures is available on the association’s website. Of these 5,373 euros, the representative is entitled to 150 euros of expenses without proof per week, or 600 euros per month.

The case of Choral Dubost

On the other hand, it is forbidden to use this amount to pay off a mortgage, buy a car or finance a political party. These expenses are randomly controlled by the Ethics Officer of the National Assembly. The 577 elected must submit to it at least once during their term of office. This is also the big difference with the mandate expense compensation representative that was canceled in 2017 which was not subject to any oversight and which led to abuse.

During one of these checks, Representative Coralie Dubost was implicated in expenses deemed inappropriate.

To cover his office and communication expenses, the deputy carries an envelope of €18,950 annually. With this amount he pays for his taxi or VTC trips, his phone, mail, and his miscellaneous communication expenses.

Finally, travel costs for MPs in the SNCF urban network are paid by the National Assembly in First Class. Each deputy has a personal card in his name to ride any train. For trips in Paris, the Assembly has a fleet of dozens of chauffeured cars that MPs can use, as far as they are available, for their trips related to their parliamentary mandate.

Thus, French deputies benefit from many advantages but fall in a lower range than the salaries of elected officials at the European level. If they are above the Spanish deputies among the lowest wages in Europe (about 3000 euros per month), the French earn less than the representatives of many countries in Northern Europe.

Italian record

In many countries it is believed that a deputy should not have to engage in any other activity in addition to his mandate. This is the case in Germany, where the representatives of the Bundestag receive a total of more than 10,000 euros per month plus 4,500 euros net assignment expenses and various benefits.

But in Italy, the elected members of the “Camera dei deputati” are by far the best paid in Europe. The idea is that highly paid elected officials will be less likely to be corrupt.

Thus TransAlpine MPs receive €10,435 in total, to which is added an allowance of €3,500 for costs of attendance in Rome, reimbursement of delegation expenses of €3,700 and more than €3,300 per quarter of miscellaneous transportation costs without including trains and free flights.

In total, the Italian website TrueNumbers puts the total amount that the Italian MP received directly or indirectly at 18,735 euros per month. A total cost of around 230.00 per MP has prompted the government to reduce their number to save money. The 2019 constitutional reform reduced their number from 630 to 400.

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