German: What is a TELC Certificate?

German: What is a TELC Certificate?

Do you want to certify your level of German and plan to take a TELC Deutsch? In this article, discover the details of this internationally recognized certification!

What is TELC Deutsch?

The Teal’c (European language certificates) he is Language certificate available in 10 languages ​​including German. This test may be useful for travel, leisure or entertainment Working in a German speaking environment. This certification also allows access to certain schools and universities.

to pass German TELCYou have to choose the level you want to check (A1 to C2). The German TELC The most common is level B2, which allows Certification of advanced skills and German language proficiency : This is the level called “Operational” or “Advanced Intermediate”.

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TELC Deutsch: What is its rating?

The German TELC They are not classified in the same way depending on the chosen level. Below are the maximum marks according to the level Teal’c Present :

  • The A1 . phone : 60 stitches,
  • The A2 . phone : 60 stitches,
  • The B1 . phone : 300 stitches,
  • The TELC B2 : 300 stitches,
  • The TELC C1 : 214 points,
  • The TELC C2 : 160 points.

for all levels, You must get a mark equal to 60% of the maximum mark To verify the validity of the certificate.

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What are TELC tests?

for every TELC levelThe language exam includes 4 tests:

  • Biblical comprehensionwhich consists of reading one or more texts or documents and writing down what you have understood,
  • Oral comprehensionwhich consists of listening to audio tracks and answering questions related to these items,
  • written expressionwhich consists of answering questions by developing your ideas in the form of more or less short texts,
  • verbal expressionwhich consists of verbally exchanging with someone to demonstrate their ability to express their ideas through speaking.

The best way to prepare for it?

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