Location de voiture Très cher deuxième conducteur

Car rental – very expensive second driver

Despite current purchasing power issues, car rental companies continue to charge a second driver fee. However, it is an essential choice for driver and passenger safety.

With the arrival of summer, vehicle rentals are increasing and prices are skyrocketing. But if you also want to share the wheel with your travel buds so you won’t be driving too long on the holiday route, you’ll have to check out, as companies charge extra for adding drivers.

For rent a city car (5 seater, automatic), 2nd week of August, in Marseille, charge €13.02 per day and for each additional driver, with Sixt Agency. At Europcar you will have to pay €11.40 per driver and a day rent for a similar order. Avis will charge €11 and Budget will charge €9 per day.

Paid and more expensive and more

An especially high surcharge, it is only increasing and there is no explanation for it, even by questioning agencies. Europcar acknowledges that it does not pay an additional premium in the event of an increase in the number of drivers. But then why is this option paying? The company notes that in the personal auto insurance market, adding a driver is often subject to coding. This questionable practice in and of itself is not a valid justification. Plus, not all insurance companies do this: MIF, for example, doesn’t charge any supplement no matter how many drivers there are. Europcar points out that an internal study (which obviously cannot communicate exact results) will show this “Doubling the number of drivers also doubles the risk.” Europcar also told us that this supplement is justified “Extra work” To show the additional drivers license to face the agents. A service that takes no more than a few minutes and yet can cost close to 80 euros for a week.

Other rental agencies frankly and simply refused to justify themselves: to our questions, Avis invoked a “a very short time”, the budget did not respond. Oddly enough, road safety, which depends on the Ministry of the Interior, did not want to answer our questions while the Association for the Prevention of Roads, to reduce the risk of accidents, advises, Pass the wheel to another driver.. The authorities regularly broadcast the same message when going on vacation.

What do you choose He had previously raised this issue in 2009, and since then nothing has changed and prices have gone up (you had to offer a flat rate of around €30 for the same service in 2009, whatever the rental period).

Same story for boosters

If you want to add a driver, you are traveling with children (4-10 years old), you will have to put your hands in your wallet. To rent a simple booster seat for a week, calculate around €35. Again, the price seems much higher than the service provided. In shops, you will easily find booster seats for less than this price … It is quite normal for the company to charge a fee for such a service. On the other hand, making a week’s booster seat loan more expensive than the price of the thing, again this practice is questionable.

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