Jean-Francois Rousset (Renaissance), 3rd district in Aveyron: "I am ready for battle"

Jean-Francois Rousset (Renaissance), 3rd district in Aveyron: “I am ready for battle”

The presidential majority candidate, who received 25.14% of the votes of the third district, declared his ambition to struggle to represent his region in Paris.

I persuaded Rogier and Livzo, but it is more complicated in Mellau and Saint-Afrique. How do you analyze this?

Cities voted for the Nubians. I was in the lead before the score for these two cities fell. They have a program that I don’t share at all, but I’ve heard there are people who stick to their ideas. I think there is also, in the Nubian vote, a penalty vote against Macron which we also find on the far right. What I can say to the voters who did not vote for me, and especially those who chose Christophe Saint-Pierre, is that they can find themselves in my values, particularly in defending the value of work and employment. I think we will finance social protection through the economy.

Your opponent has taken a strong position on the issue of maintaining the public health service in rural areas. This is something that affects the third circle. What do you intend to bring up on this subject in the majority of the Renaissance?

Health is a concern. I’ve been saying this since the beginning of the campaign. I’m a surgeon, so I can talk about it easily. I agree with everyone’s analysis. The nursing staff is suffering, and Covid has exposed our flaws while we spend a lot of money on health. What is certain is that there are two thirds of management for one third of caregivers. There are things to be done at an equal expense, but I’m not against extra expenses if they are necessary, mainly to defend the general hospital. I studied there and want to defend it, especially in Southern Aveyron.

If you are elected, you will have to make decisions on the committees in which you will participate in the Assembly. Do you want to take care of your health?

I am ready to chair a parliamentary group to talk about health and fitness. I think that all topics, but especially those related to health, should be considered at the level of tenderness. We understand that general laws must be applied locally. It is somewhat similar to what was launched at the end of his term with the law of decentralization. In health, the method of work, the method of work and the method of recruitment are different in our lands. I know that and I will be able to present it to the Assembly.

In 2017, I was a substitute, I fought this drive between two rounds and lost in the second round. Do you feel that things are different?

jpeg changed. Conventional politics no longer has any place to exist. We need consensus. People who can unite around the topics and the fact that they are in the presidential majority is an opportunity for our constituency. I am ready to transfer everyone’s files, provided they are in the general interest of our constituency.

Won’t you just follow the president’s vote instructions?

no. I’m ready to fight for the ride. When I talk about the decline of the routine, it is about health, but also employment, the economy, the management of water and energies … I know the area by heart and I know that here we need differentiation and I think that can be rejected in Emmanuel Macron’s programme.

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