Legislative at the Brest Centre: Pierre-Yves Cadalin, Are you ready to take his big word of mouth?

Legislative at the Brest Centre: Pierre-Yves Cadalin, Are you ready to take his big word of mouth?

The first time Pierre-Yves Cadalen’s name appeared in Telegram columns, it was on the last page. On July 7, 2010, the illustrious final year student L from Lycée Sainte-Anne, in Brest, proudly presented his recent baccalaureate with an astonishing average of 20.08/20. A provisional result, at the time, with a note that echoes his battles today. : “We are lucky that we are in a bourgeois school in the middle of the city. It is still easier in classes of 20 students.

The archive is only twelve years old, but Pierre-Yves Cadalin intends to keep it meticulously. (The Telegram / Rémy Quéméner)

Was his pressure less when it was time to pass the baccalaureate, twelve years ago, than in the internal part of the legislative elections, before the crucial meeting on Sunday, June 19, 2022? In a remake of the 2017 second round against Jean-Charles Larsonor, model student Pierre-Yves Cadalin is about to pass the big word of mouth once again against the voters of the 2nd district in Finistere (Brest Centre). With a favorite label this time. “I leave it to others,” answers the political science doctor who will celebrate his 30th birthday on July 9, 2022. What I see during this campaign is that we are proud of the people. On the left, we found a common vocabulary.

“Always stand on the side of the poorest, and always think of the power given to citizens.”

Its “compasses” and “principles”

His political identity, Pierre-Yves Cadalin was first coined in the field of the family. His father, an inspector of the treasury, then an accountant in Brest, and his mother, the secretary of the civil service at the CRBC (Breton and Celtic Research Center) at UBO, were not combatants. “But there was, in my family, the idea that you don’t have to be selfish, that you have to think of others,” recalls the candidate for Nupes (a new popular, ecological and social union), of the La France insoumise branch. Crazy about literature – quotes from Jack London’s novel The Iron Heel, a reference he read in high school – Brestois says he has set himself according to his young years’ “compasses and principles”: “Always put yourself on the side of the poorest, always think of the power given to citizens. This It is presumed, for a Member of Parliament, to be accessible to all, to listen to the people. Above all, of all the people.”

“Don’t let people think we’re not going to be serious”

The ranks of the Nupes, at the national level, are heterogeneous: a few political professionals are at the forefront of the poster, but also a large number of civil society workers. “What can my career as a doctor of political science bring? At least you are not suggesting, as Macroni repeats, that we will not be serious or unreasonable. This is true of me, but also of all Nupes candidates, such as Caroline Fiat, a nursing assistant, Or Rachel Kiki, a cleaning lady. To get to responsibilities, my Tébéo opponent told me hope gives life. Well, sure. Hope gives life.” It is necessary before getting too close to the mouth.

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