No longer say “PaxFamilia” but “Abbove” and look for the banks

The collaborative wealth management platform launched four years ago will introduce its model to non-BNPPF banks, rebrand and target Europe.

While we believed it so to speak Married to BNP Paribas FortisThe Pax Familia Cooperative Wealth Management Platform He will open his services for other banks From the second half of this year. You will do that too changing the name To celebrate the occasion and materialize the expansion of its services to an increasingly large audience: it will now be called aboveand the company that you created and operates, GuiSquareyou will do the same (Abbove SA).

“The original goal was to help families become stronger through their heritage and to ensure that it is more of a consolidating factor than a source of conflict.”

Disclear clouds

Co-founder and CEO of Abbove

He explains: “The PaxFamilia name aligns well with what we were doing when the startup was launched in 2018 CEO and Co-Founder Guillaume Desclée. We gathered a hundred wealthy families in the office to see what they are Heritage needs. To answer this, we have developed this platform that makes it possible to collect all the information about their heritage in an accessible way (accounts, donations, real estate, marriage contracts, etc.) in order to better understand and structure them. control and manage it. The goal was to help families be stronger through their heritage and to ensure that it was more a vector of unification than a source of conflict. It worked well, and families overused our platform and talked about it around them. Their consultants came to ask us if they could offer the tool to their clients. We’ve done that and have expanded our clients to include family offices, custodians, advisors, brokers and other asset managers… We have 70 such clients today, plus about 25,000 families directly serving. “

Vertical not silos

BNPPF Bank has been added to the blackboard. I took 25% of the capital The startup a year after its inception and began distributing the platform to private banking clients. At the same time, GuiSquare has developed its platform towards wealth management worldwide. “The PaxFamilia name covers only a portion of our services today; the Abbove name suits us better, because we make vertical above the activities of banks. We are increasing their ability to manage their customers by connecting our model to an entire ecosystem that works so far in silos. “

Opening up to other banks It is of course in agreement with the minority bank shareholder, who exclusivity Distribution will end at the end of June. Guillaume Desclée comments: “We had the opportunity to cut our teeth and prove the success of our platform: the market is ahead. We are entering it with Abbove as a new brand.” with two “b” Because his forefathers aimed for “above” (above) and “beyond” (beyond)…

“I am very proud of the successful third-party development of European private banking with a 100% Belgian business and solution.”

Disclear clouds

Co-founder and CEO of Above

Although it is too early to name the names, Belgian and international banks They already showed interest, while stadium Diabov will not be limited to Belgium, but will eventually include the European market.

The first successes inflated ambition. a fortiori when the only competing models that exist are Anglo-Saxon, and therefore based on the logic of heritage associated with “Public Law” And not, like Above, on that associated with civil law inherited from Napoleon code.



GuiSquare, which will change its name and rename Abbove as its platform, employs about twenty people.

“as such’belgian businessman, I am very proud of the success in development An outsider in European private banking With activities and a 100% Belgian solution”, concludes Guillaume Dickley, who takes care of Twenty employees in his statement. “We are a fund that operates, creates turnover, pays a salary and is self-financed with great potential for growth, including internationally.”


  • While we thought she was married to BNP Paribas Fortis, collaborative wealth management platform PaxFamilia will open its services to other banks from the second half of 2022.
  • As for BNPPF, nothing has changed, it remains a minority shareholder in the startup and will continue to use its platform, but is no longer an exclusive banker.
  • PaxFamilia will also change its name to reflect the extension of its services to an increasingly large audience: it will now be called Abbove.
  • In addition to expanding the type of customers, it also plans to gradually expand the playing area to Europe.

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