Crédit auto avec option d’achat

Car loan with purchase option: this alternative is attracting more and more people!

A car is, for many families, a tool for entertainment and for facilitating their daily lives. However, the most reliable models today seem to be costing more and more. Therefore, subscribing to a car loan is the preferred solution for many French people who cannot afford to buy their car all at once.. In this sense, instead of going to the banks, it is possible to choose a LOA or rent with an option to buy. The method of acquisition has its advantages as well as disadvantages, especially with the actions taken to protect the planet.

Effective July 1, 2022

LOA or Rental with option to buy It is a fairly easy principle to understand. Also called a lease, it has some similarities to a consumer loan, with some differences. Here it is about renting a car, with the possibility of becoming its final owner after a certain period of time. This applies to both new and used vehicles..

A LOA is then very different from an LLD or long-term lease, and does not provide a buy-back contract at the end.. Now several types of specialized brands offer this type of device. It is clear that agents are the leaders in leasing. Almost all brands or manufacturers are involved now.

On the other hand, Organizations are never far away when it comes to rent to own. In fact, it works with car distributors in developing rental offers. Banks are also not excluded and can be contacted directly. Thus, the conditions differ according to the chosen supplier.

The main advantages of LOA

You can benefit from several advantages of leasing with an option to purchase, compared to a classic car loan. First of all, it is a question of flexibility. In fact, once the contract expires, The subscriber can switch to another car model, why not the latest. The options for brands or years of production are currently very wide.

In addition, LOA is a more economical solution than a traditional bank loan, especially regarding the amount of monthly payments. Moreover, even if a purchase option is available, it is not mandatory to implement it. Apart from that, brands that specialize in this topic do not require a very large initial contribution. What opens the door a little more for families who want to drive in a high-quality car, without harming a wallet.

Moreover, as long as the rent is paid, the car cannot be booked. It cannot be used as collateral for debt repayment and other problems of this kind.

The end of heat-engine cars by 2035

Lease-to-buy may be the first option at a time when doubts remain about future restrictions on fossil fuels. Families have no interest in buying a car outright that cannot be banned in a few years. Although heat engines won’t go away overnight, those who still use them may face increased penalties.

The European Parliament has also passed a law to end the marketing of vehicles still powered by hydrocarbons in 2035.

Resorting to LOA makes it possible to anticipate this type of disorder. The possibility of switching to much more environmentally friendly cars at the end of his contract will be an important advantage. This will facilitate access to cleaner models.

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