How aviation still raises the bar for young people

How aviation still raises the bar for young people

Often seen as elitist, and sometimes as a highly polluting leisure activity, light flying does not always have good press. So being 18 today and choosing a series of trips to satisfy your craving, even if many say they realize it’s pollution, is no small feat. Between guilt and the evil eye of comrades.

However, there are 11,000 young people, including 2,700 girls, who pass the BIA every year in France. A commencement certificate in aeronautics, or a diploma in civics, a subject that nevertheless does not count toward the average, regardless of the school programme, yet is offered by more and more schools, when possible, or at aviation clubs. This patent proves a level of initiation of scientific and technical culture in the field of aviation and aerospace … and above all very useful to practice before getting a private pilot license and flying on your own.

“Beyond a Simple Leisure Activity”

For Guillaume Rayman, 22, flying took its toll on him at a very young age. At the age of fourteen he already received the famous diploma. Today, he has been selected to represent Alsace on the prestigious Young Pilots Air Tour next July. He admits: “It is true that aviation has a reputation as ‘elite’. But you have to go beyond a simple leisure activity reserved for the wealthy who don’t care about the environment,” emphasizes the young pilot. “Aeronautics is accessible even if it is true that it is expensive but behind it, there are aids. But it is also career opportunities, so it can attract a lot of people, more than you think,”

After receiving his scientific baccalaureate, he continued his studies at DUT in mechanical engineering in the field of aeronautics. Financially, he owes nothing to anyone. To pay for flying hours, he worked out a work study contract with an aviation component designer in Molsheim and took out a bank loan. Now, the young man who went through Dassault in Bordeaux and the Airbus industry in Toulouse, will be postponing his career as a pilot for a while, which is the time to complete a flight test contract with Dassault in the United States.

It is “a world that always makes people dream, and more and more”, confirms Alexandre Rungemail, a mathematics teacher at Le Gymnase Jean-Sturm high school in Strasbourg. “It goes beyond just flying planes. More than half of the students will not engage in aviation or space studies, in a profession. Others are drawn to these areas, see how it works. The madness of aviation is not waning. It is an environment that is ahead of its time, confirms this professor, a pilot A former Air Force fighter, with a lot of research done, especially in recent years on pollution. We remember Bertrand Piccard and his Solar Impulse that traveled around the world on an electric plane. We work on unpolluted planes, at least by burning them.”

Young pilots are aware of the environmental issue

S’il reconnaît toutefois que l’aviation légère reste polluante « et que c’est difficile de se l’avouer », Alexandre Rongemaille rappelle que « l’avion va au-delà d’un simple moyen de transport comme peut l’être The Car. It is a means of escape.” For Guillaume Reymann, preparing for his air tour for young pilots on a Cessna made available to him by the Alsace Flying Club, “Young people who now practice light flying […] We are well aware of this environmental issue and will contribute to sustainable aviation that will hopefully be far less polluting. »

Aeronautics also wants to be comprehensive. Alexandre Rungemail notes “Every year, there are about twenty additional students enrolled in the BIA. Girls and boys, even if boys remain the majority, are increasing more and more. The private high school in Strasbourg has chosen to triple the hours allotted to this patent.”

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