Insurance around the world: warranties and costs

Insurance around the world: warranties and costs

What is insurance around the world?

Traveling anywhere in the world in complete calm is essential. This therefore means that it is covered in all countries and for all risks. This is why worldwide insurance generally offers a package that includes the following guarantees (some are optional):

  • Assistance guarantees (with basic search and rescue costs for adventurers) and repatriation;
  • health guarantees
  • civil liability guarantees;
  • legal aid and bail guarantees;
  • optional sports guarantees (depending on contracts: practicing dangerous sports, but also covering sports equipment);
  • individual accident guarantees;
  • Theft and loss of baggage guarantees (optional);
  • Trip cancellation guarantees (usually optional);
  • Guarantees of flight delay, flight interruption, etc.

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Who around the world is this insurance intended for?

This type of contract is for frequent travelers who leave for a period of not less than 3 months and not more than 12 or 24 months depending on the insurance companies, in countries that are far (mainly outside Europe) and where the risks (cost of medical treatment, costs of care and hospitalization) are high.

Beware, however, of the subscriber’s age limit. According to insurers, these contracts are generally no longer available to travelers over 65/66 years old, and other contracts accept a guarantee of people up to 79 years old.

How do you choose your cover for getting around the world?

The scope of guarantees is wide. However, not all of them are necessarily useful for every traveler. It is up to everyone to make sure according to their real needs, which they will determine according to the following:

  • Destination and transit countries (especially idiosyncrasies in terms of cost of medical expenses – but not only).
  • his sports practices.
  • The cost of warranties and the amount of applicable discounts.

Good to know: Some contracts can be accessed even after accessing abroad and can be taken out from abroad. In this case, a waiting period will apply (on average about 8 days).

Some contracts require a medical questionnaire. It should be noted that the contracts do not cover the consequences of accidents and illnesses prior to the date of subscription.

How much does insurance cost around the world?

Pricing depends on:

  • Guarantees taken (additional cost for optional guarantees),
  • Countries visited (mainly divided into 3 regions),
  • the age of the insured,
  • the length of your stay in certain countries (the USA and Canada in particular);
  • Number of people insured (some discounts may apply when traveling as a couple, family or group).

Given the number of parameters that must be taken into account, it is difficult to indicate the average cost. However, for basic guarantees and one-year limited cover, an insured person under the age of 35 must pay a monthly subscription of €42 to be insured worldwide except for the USA and Canada. It takes an average of €51.26 per month to take advantage of the USA + Canada extension (the above prices are the result of an average of 4 months contracts in the market). The average cost is between 500 and 615 euros per year, depending on whether or not the warranty applies to the USA and Canada.

Good to know: Before choosing this type of contract, more than ever, detailing ceilings, exclusions, deductions, and warranty by guarantee is essential in order to be able to compare contracts.

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