Self-employed people who are having difficulty can apply for a new social assistance service

The Union for the Collection of Social Security Contributions (Urssaf), the National Family Allowance Fund (Cnaf), Health Insurance and the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav) decided to circulate the service called Help, which aims to increase speed and efficiency. Take care of the self-employed who are in financial difficulty, but also medical, familial, or social.

At the moment it has been tested only in the Marne department, then the device must be extended to the entire city. By coordinating and accelerating its operations, the proposed offer will make it possible to respond to the problems of entrepreneurs, who do not always seek assistance measures that they can nevertheless demand.

Claim your rights to benefits

help “Combines the different business tools of each network (benefits, social work, support, payment schedules, etc.) to promote better access to rights, care and social assistance”, refers to a joint press release between all public bodies. On the observation that the personal and professional lives of the self-employed overlap to a large extent and that this penalizes them for carrying out their administrative procedures, Orsaf acknowledges that the payment difficulties faced by entrepreneurs sometimes go beyond their area of ​​competence.

Hence the cooperation with other social security bodies. “Thus, the assistance is based on comprehensive disclosure of vulnerabilities faced by business leaders, craftsmen, merchants and liberal professions from defaults, recurring health problems, etc.”they explain.

In concrete terms, the freelancer must answer a questionnaire available on the Urssaf website, which then allows each organization “Studying the situation of the insured and then determining the cranes that must be mobilized in his field of competence.”Whether it is a group or procedure related to illness, family or retirement. “The files are then processed in an expedited manner in order to activate the appropriate systems (Solidarity Health Supplement, Active Solidarity Income, Activity Allowance, CPSTI Health and Social Work, etc.)”The statement concludes.

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