Stellantis brand dealer groups ready for consolidation

Stellantis brand dealer groups ready for consolidation

Jacques-Edouard Debres, Managing Director of the Peugeot Dealership Group, got a similar job at Citroen. Another step towards creating an associative structure that will unite the different organizations of distributors for all brands in the world of Stellantis.

Jacques-Edouard Depres, Managing Director of the Peugeot Dealership Group and Deputy General Manager of the Citroen Dealership Group.

Unity is strength! This is undoubtedly the reason why the Citroën Dealers Group has just appointed the same Managing Director of the Peugeot Dealers Group. In fact, Jacques Edward Debres He now combines the position of Director General of the Global Appeal to Combat Poverty, occupied since the beginning of June 2022, and the position of Deputy Director General of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the General Directorate.

Pending the creation of the union structure that will eventually be able to work with all the Stellantis brand groups, Jacques-Edouard Depres has been appointed as of June 13th as Executive Vice President of the Group of Citroën & DS Dealers (GCC & DS) with the main task of developing synergies between Various Stellantis Group Dealer Groups and initially with the Peugeot Automotive Dealer Group (GCAP), The Gulf Cooperation Council says in a statement. under the authority of the president Christophe DelockWith the support of our Secretary-General, Jack Ryo and members of the Bureau, will be responsible for establishing the necessary synergy with other groups, starting with GCAP“,

From factory to distribution

The former director of DS Automobiles France now combines the two functions with the aim of combining other groups, in particular Opel and Fiat. He graduated with a DESS degree from the University of Paris II Assas and an MBA from the Graduate Institute of Paris, and joined the PSA group in 2004. He worked for six years in various administrative and financial professions in France.

Between 2010 and 2015, he held the position of Managing Director and Finance in the Netherlands and Poland, then Director of Operations. In 2015, he took charge of the project to create Distrigo platforms for PSA Retail in Europe. In 2017, he became the Director of Parts and Services for all brands of the PSA Group in France. From December 1, 2020 until his departure from the ranks of the manufacturer in 2022, he was a director of DS France.

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Jack Edward, whose professional skills and personal values ​​are appreciated by our colleagues, will help us take a new step in the professionalization of our current activities and those we wish to develop, Christophe Delock said:. At a pivotal moment in the evolution of automobile distribution and in the face of the multiple challenges that lie ahead for networks, it seemed to us necessary to accelerate steps already taken several years ago with our GCAP colleagues through joint working groups. APV, IT, etc…) In addition to the cross-cutting topics I’ve already worked on with our colleagues from GNCO and GDFCA (futures etc…)”, then explained the head of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the DS.

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