Animations, sorties, rencontres... Le pôle social de Tonnerre prêt pour les vacances

Community – Activities, outings, meetings … The social center of Tonner is ready for the holidays

With country football the summer season will be launched in the social center of Tonnerre. Seniors, but not only, are welcome to come, dance and enjoy the sounds of Idaline Lopez’s accordion on Tuesday, June 28, from 2:30 p.m., in the Marland Room. “We will decorate the room and take advantage of the garden by setting the tables there as well, promised Director Catherine Drew-Fukogni. The idea is to find us all in a good mood and celebrate the holidays that are coming.”

Intergenerational meetings

For the summer 2022 season, as the situation appears to be returning to normal after two complicated seasons due to the health crisis, all staff and volunteers will be in the community center on board until August 11. The program will be loaded. There will be something to suit all tastes and ages. Intergenerational meetings are at the heart of projects, but they also represent solidarity and participation in order to create social bonds.

A family outing at Oxwa Zoo has been scheduled for July 11. Then the first major “donation” was scheduled for July 22nd. The principle of this day is based on barter. There will be no money in circulation, only exchanges will be allowed. An opportunity for the social magnate to dispose of inventory, but also for individuals to empty their coffers. At the same time, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, the designers who will reside in the sector thanks to the association Ici et là will present a “Recycling” workshop to learn how to recycle and transform their things. Still with the Ici et Là Association and Planét-Jeunes, a pleasant walk along the canal to Arcot Lock is scheduled for July 29 with a picnic.

A duo of painters in the space of Marland de Tonnerre

Plus, six families who never go on vacation will spend the weekend at Lake Forêt d’Orient in a bungalow. These volunteer families were supported in their efforts by the Social Center in partnership with CAF. “These are people who are not used to leaving. Our role was to help them with this project that they are fully financing.” A starting point for these families will allow them to be more independent.

Coffee breaks and meetings

At the same time, the usual meetings of the social center will continue. Creative and sewing workshops will continue on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Coffee breaks will take place outside the walls, particularly at the Cascade and at the Harbor Master Office, the two places most visited by Tonnerrois in summer. The idea is to serve coffee to those who are there and create social bonds through speaking. Finally, on a Saturday afternoon in July and August, Community Center staff will escort families to the pool so they can discover the building and give young and old access to the water.

The community center will be closed from August 11-21. Such as. :

The books under the Tonnerre buildings


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