'Everything is ready to welcome you': In 'SOS Villages', GP searches are booming

‘Everything is ready to welcome you’: In ‘SOS Villages’, GP searches are booming

This is new evidence, if necessary, of the medical desertification that has afflicted many small French towns. On the SOS Villages website, created by the TF1 group, more than a hundred municipalities compete to highlight their strengths and bring in doctors.

“So a young (or less young) GP, tired of the big city? Want to change your life? Here, you will have to put an end to stress, traffic jams, pollution, restrictive schedules and stress (except for beer) ”, Thus it refers to the village of Cronat, in Saône-et-Loire, classified as a Rural Revitalization Zone (ZRR, which allows for tax measures such as tax breaks). “Free installation in the office of the medical center, patient care in the village and in the surrounding mountain hamlets”, Highlights of the town of Guillaumes, gateway to the Mercantour Park in the Alpes-Maritimes, also in search “urgent” From a general practitioner.

The survival of the village is threatened

In Gievres (Loir-et-Cher), “Our 1,350 patients are waiting for his successor in July 2022.”. Possibility to retrieve furniture and equipment and help with computer software if neededCity Hall, which is proud of its new multidisciplinary medical center, identifies its location in the Supplementary Work Zone (ZAC) with Free personal and professional rental First year.

In Ardèche, in Antraigues-sur-Volane, the pharmacy team set out to research ” Emergency “ One or two general practitioners. “Our doctor will be leaving at the end of June, and the viability of the pharmacy and the jobs in the village are directly threatened if we do not quickly find one or more new doctors, We can read in the ad. Everything is ready to welcome you, you will be able to work in coordination with the nurses and our pharmacy because we share the same premises. » The city where the singer Jean Ferrat lived highlights its origins “Bakery, grocery store, florist, many restaurants, artists, post office, hairdresser” Or even direct resale of agricultural products.

The concept of SOS villages was launched in 1993 by Jean-Pierre Bernaut, the concept of SOS villages originally allowed connecting individuals willing to sell a business and buyers. Discontinued and then relaunched ten years ago with a dedicated website, the site counts several thousand online ads – and more and more on health topics.

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