The most beautiful life in advance: Summary of the episode, Monday, June 20, 2022 [SPOILERS]

The most beautiful life in advance: Summary of the episode, Monday, June 20, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… while Abdel and Berbera’s friendship is at stake, Sonali is very determined, even if it means taking a risk.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of the most beautiful life Tomorrow night broadcast on France 3!

Abdel gets to know Vincent Marceau

During the night, Elisa breaks into Abdul’s house to surprise him by sliding into his bed. And so they spend the night together… For their part, Tim and Barbara interrogate the former BTC accountant, who admitted that he alerted his superiors to the falsification of profits he had noticed, before being fired by Vincent Marceau. The individual tried to steal Vincent Marceau’s disk to find evidence of its embezzlement and dragged it to the Industrial Court, but did not have time.

After their night together, Abdel and Elsa accepted Vincent’s invitation for lunch. The latter asserts that his company is completely legal. He then offers Abdul to come to the garden party he is organizing at his house the following afternoon. Meanwhile, Tim is trying hard to keep Vincent Marceau away. Barbara suggests getting his hands on the tablet that the former BTC accountant told them.

Later, a slave announced to Barbara that he had returned to Elisa. He adds that he believes in Vincent’s sincerity and looks forward to attending his garden party. Barbara learns that the party is organized at his property, and asks Abdul to retrieve the data from his tablet using a USB key to finally shed light on what happened to Tim…

Eric on cloud nine

After spending the night with Simon, Eric finds it difficult to break up with him. The two men enjoy a lazy morning together. Simon then drops Eric at the police station, acknowledging the happiness that he has crossed paths with him again.

Eric finds his mates up against Revell. While they were discussing a young student they arrested the day before with a suitcase containing 33,000 euros, Eric had his head elsewhere entirely.

Eric and Ariane are responsible for monitoring the student’s actions. Thus, they discover that the latter goes to a scrap dealer and hands him a stack of banknotes. Returning to the police station, the police informed Jean-Paul: the scrap dealer is none other than Pierre Antoine Martin, who was arrested for receiving stolen goods in 2015. After a few years in prison, he was released for good behavior. So they assume that the student resells his stolen merchandise to collect the cash and return it to his boss. Thus Jean-Paul orders Eric and Ariane to hide in front of the antiques dealer’s shop.

After that, Eric agrees to meet Simon again. The two men plan to have lunch together in Marseilles on Wednesday afternoon.

Sonali stands in solidarity with Dimitri

Luna and Bastian noticed that Sonali spent the weekend listening to music. They don’t know it’s the audio file that Dmitriy received from a hidden number. Sunalee makes them listen to the track. Luna realizes it’s the nickname of a gothic group from Marseille, Demain n’existe pas, which broke up after the bass player’s death.

Then Sonali meets Dimitri for lunch. The latter admits that he also listened to this music all weekend. Then he receives another message from the hidden number thanking him for taking things so seriously because this is the piece that Natasha was listening to before committing suicide. The letter also states that Dmitriy must remain silent for 24 hours. Dimitri is ready for the challenge.

Arriving late at high school, Sonali and Dimitri are captured by Rochat. Faced with the stupidity of the teens, the director gave them an hour of glue. Permanently, Dmitriy and Sonne exchange a text message. The young man thanks his friend for his support.

Meanwhile, Frank and Delphine offer their help, in their area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise, at the high school ball. Delphine also hopes this will be an opportunity for Theo to break out of his clinic for a bit.

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