You go to vote for him or think about your vote for Sunday, June 19th. It seems important to me to tell you about Grégory Korn. In a perfect and cold world, we can tell ourselves that only the political affiliation of a candidate and the platform he holds are accounted for. But we are human, and if over-personality is a bad thing, we need to know who to trust. One day, if people want to break out of representative democracy, we will no longer have to put our future in the hands of a few. In the meantime, it is now a question of getting out of the presidential tyranny and returning power to the deputies …

Gregory Korn is a political activist. This means that he has convictions, that he shares them within a group, and that he participates in building civic actions. I have been working with him for a year and a half in the France Insoumise 65 group. He has a spirit of synthesis and is the one who always sums up the situation clearly. This characteristic naturally gave him the role of spokesperson with the press. Its efficacy is a political act: we discuss, we decide, we act. He is not a fighter at barricades and violent attacks: he prefers to discuss ideas and stir reality with the power of reason. His rationality is firmly rooted in him, as is his determination. In this I feel close to him, because his land is temperate. This is what we might call moderate radicalism.

Its values ​​are consistent: public interest, neighborhood welfare, justice. He is a hardworking worker and does not shy away from responsibilities. However, he is not the type to monopolize power (a patriarchal tendency is widespread in this environment). On the contrary, it gives space to others and especially to women (considering the majority of women within our movement, you better be a feminist!).

Grégory is a member of the Parti de Gauche, the party theorizing environmental socialism. It’s all in the title. He undertakes the duties of the department’s reporter. Its political line is pro-European, essentially republican, reformist in the basic sense of social democracy, which desires to transform capitalism within the framework of democratic institutions. In this regard, the new ecological and social union is part of the legacy of the Popular Front of 1936 that, by winning the elections, was able to improve the concrete living conditions of people’s lives.

Gregory’s rationalism places him in the republican left of the rebel movement, somewhere between Adrien Quatennens and Alexis Corbière. Full respect for secularism, no sympathy for religious sectarianism and irrational transgressions. his creed general accuracyPublic affairs: equal opportunities for all, access to public services, state administration of goods and services common to the population. His profession as a teacher of literature made him belligerent over the issue of defending public schools. His flair for music (he plays guitar) and literature makes him a staunch advocate of libertarian culture. He has two children and a partner. As a man of lights stes, planting his garden literally and figuratively, in permaculture of course! We’ve worked hand in hand over these few months and I’ve seen it evolve, try the Candidate costume. it’s ready. He has the qualities required of a parliamentarian: defending the public interest in word and deed.

Here we are on the last day of the campaign. He didn’t talk much about himself, because there was a lot to say about galleys, injustice, global warming, and the lies of politicians in place. We also had to talk about 650 solutions offered by the joint program. There is certainly humility and humility in storytelling. The idea that a man or a woman should hide behind the program. Calm the heart and emotions, which sometimes lead the left to the brink of inner collapse… This NUPES is a challenge that we must approach with moderation, empathy and curiosity. The challenge is exciting: building a rainbow culture based on our differences. Connect the left archipelago, so that there is finally an area where it unites. For this we will need the Grégory Korn scale.

Victoria Klotz, NUPES Campaign Manager, Circo 65-02.

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