Hello Business: 2 months free to try online banking for professionals

Banking offer tailored for professionals, with extended insurance and assistance services, for only €10.90 excluding taxes per month. Here’s what Hello Business offers freelancers. Until June 30, for any new subscription, two months of membership is offered.

Hello Business was launched a little over a year ago by Hello bank!, BNP Paribas’ 100% online offering, Hello Business has become Essential banking for professionals. It stands out first with its very complete offer that adapts to the diversity of the needs of the self-employed (craftsmen, traders, self-employed, etc.) for only €10.90 excluding taxes per month. Good news, until June 30th, free 2-month membership for any new subscription.

In detail, Hello Business includes a Visa card with instant or deferred debit, free EUR and foreign currency transactions (payments, withdrawals, transfers), Overdraft facility of 1,550 EUR Or even give out up to €25,000 business credit, direct debit and SEPA transfers for free and on the spot. As for the transfer of funds in foreign currencies, they are also not charged if the transaction is denominated in the currency of the recipient.

Multiple features built into the Hello Business offer

but that is not all. Hello Business formula provides a checkbook that is sent free to your home, Access to all distributors of BNP Paribas To cash checks and cash, not to mention the possibility to pay by bank transfer and bank card using Lyf Pro, an application that turns your smartphone into a real payment terminal. Hello Business customers can also pay via Hello Pay Pro mobile payment terminal connected to their smartphone for card payments with code validation, contactless payments and mobile payments.

bank fees : until Save €259 Thanks to our comparison

Hello Business account is managed directly from Hello bank! To better monitor its operations in real time. This allows you to configure your card (blocking, activating contactless payments, adjusting ceilings, etc.), but also to access all existing operations: transfers, adding beneficiaries or even the ability to call customer service Hello. Pro team specializes in professional matters. Finally, with “My Business Assistant Start”, quotes and invoices are edited from your mobile phone with just a few clicks and VAT is calculated automatically every month.

Hello business also appears Generous in terms of insurance and assistance. The Visa card guarantees the protection of its holder during business trips, as well as in the event of a dispute with a supplier or customer through comprehensive legal assistance. In addition, any admission to hospital, following an illness or accident, leads to a payment of €100 including the daily tax spent in hospital.

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