In Lille, Studio M opens polytechnic preparation at the end of September

In Lille, Studio M opens polytechnic preparation at the end of September

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This is the little news from the campus on rue Pierre-Morroy. The school specializing in creative professions, already present in nine cities in France, sets up shop in Lille with four courses including preparation for the applied arts. The goal: to provide support, good speakers and realistic situations, to allow everyone to find their way in the world of creativity.

Studio M has been around for over twenty years, across nine campuses dispatched in France. Since the beginning of the school year, there are ten, with the opening in Lille of a school specializing in the professions of creativity, design and audiovisual. Studio M is located on the rue Pierre-Morroy campus, which includes, among other things, the Com, Commerce and Multimedia schools, and offers the first four courses of study, one of which is of particular interest to us in this article: Prep Polytechnic.

So no, it’s not another technical setup as in many. The idea is to help students find their way into the vast world of creativity. Because the tools and techniques of art making are numerous, so are painting related professions. Design, advertising, marketing, digital, in the world of sports, commerce, cinema, 3D painting … there is a lot to do. It is still necessary to know all of them and succeed in making a decision in this whirlwind of possibilities.

With this setup, you will set foot in the job market by touch Of different crafts and techniques of creationThanks to quality support and speakers as well Only for a variety of teachingsExplains François Ancio, director of the Eduservices Lille campus.

And after the preparatory year, they can choose to try entrance exams for major art and design schools or continue on to another course on campus. “There are bridges between our different schools and in the case of Studio M, we are opening three first bachelors this year: Director-Rice – Editor, Sound Designer and Audio Technician‘ says the director.

Upgrade and setup

For one year, with a large number of schedules (760 hours), everyone develops their artistic culture while developing themselves in all areas of applied arts, thanks to courses in drawing, space design, product or fashion, photography, drawing and software (InDesign) and Illustrator and Photoshop) and computer graphics, among others.

It is clear that the school does not stop there, because it offers Training period (optional), projects and workshops Allowing you to be in a real situation, such as the job market. “We organize four week-long workshops where students meet each time with an artist who comes with a creative technique and a practical problem with specificationsMélanie Dehenne, Teaching Assistant at Studio M.

To help them develop their independence, individuality and creativity, students are also encouraged to work Four to six week personal creativity project. “We only impose a subject and a physical or technical limitation on them.Melanie Dehn continues. They are free to do whatever they want. The goal is that in the end, they can answer their project, and explain their artistic approach“.

Registration Instructions

Now that you know what to expect, all that’s left is to give you the practical details. Price already: count 5500 euros per year. And if you want to get a loan, the school has interesting partnerships with banks to negotiate. They can also help you find student housing.

Regarding registration, here is what to do: Prepare your documents (CV, cover letter, school reports, diploma(s), ID card or residence permit), fill in the application file available online and wait to order The school will contact you to arrange an appointment. Because whether it is for the three M polytechnic or studio preparation, you will have to pass a short entrance exam, which is divided into three stages: a multiple choice of general art culture, a question about your motivation and project and an interview. Nothing really bad, as it is mainly aimed at understanding your project, your motivation, and your knowledge.

If your application is accepted, the school gives you a date at the end of September – beginning of October to start the academic year. And here we are, going through a crazy year of creativity.

If you have any questions, Studio M is organizing an open house on 2 July from 10am to 12pm, upon registration, via this link. More information on the school’s website (be careful, it brings together the ten universities in France), on their Facebook and Instagram page.

Post sponsored by Studio M

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