"Jesse Demingut: A Ligue 1 ready player with a great deal of play" - LesViolets.Com

“Jesse Demingut: A Ligue 1 ready player with a great deal of play” – LesViolets.Com

After the transfer window opened on June 10, no player has yet signed for TFC even if rumors have continued to grow in recent days. Among these, the name Jesse Demingut (SM Caen) was related to Tèf. To know his profile better, the site’s editorial staff LesViolets.Com have met Malherb is insidean account dedicated to Stade Malherbe de Caen on Twitter.

Can you introduce us to the player in a few words?

Jesse Demingut is 24 years old, plays as a midfielder and is under contract until 2023. He is thus entering his final year of contract. He is left-handed and captain of Stade Malherbe since this season, the best passer for the club with 9 assists and also scored 6 goals.

What is his favorite job?

Able to play as a midfielder, which is his best position. A midfielder played in 3-5-2, in the same system as Toulouse finally. He is also able to play a little later, in recovery, in tenth place as well, and he played matches as a right winger two years ago. But his best position is really a midfielder.

What are its characteristics? its downsides?

His main quality is his very large playing volume, he doubles the races and is one of the players who ran the most this season, and who covered the most kilometers. A player with a very nice left claw, quite complete, capable of defending as well as attacking. In terms of his mistakes, he had two mixed seasons before that, somewhat similar to the team where he looked a bit shy by playing a lot in the back, with just a few passes that made the game progress. The season with Stephane Mullan, it really blew up and he’s not at all the same Jesse Dimingott we’ve known for the past two seasons. We finally found Jessy Deminguet in his prime when he started in Ligue 1.

What’s his reputation on Kane’s side regarding the season just past? Against Toulouse, he hurt us, so did he confirm his good performance then?

Yes, he was very good against Toulouse, against Ajaccio, and he also scored a great goal against Auxerre. So he is a player who loves big matches. Like I said, he’s been having an excellent season with Malherby and it’s definitely his best since starting out as a professional since he trained at the club. He’s also got the responsibility since he regained the captaincy. Cayenne fans are very happy with Jesse Demingut this season and the Kane captains and supporters would certainly like to keep him for next season.

Within the Spierings – Dejaegere – van den Boomen trio, do you think it would have its place?

Within the Spierings – Dejaegere – van den Boomen trio, I wouldn’t allow myself to judge the quality of the Toulouse players because I don’t know them enough but it is certain that in those three he could at least integrate the rotation and possibly take Dejaegere’s place if he were to replace one. I think Van den Bomen is still higher and Spirings is more defensive.

Is it time to look elsewhere? Does he have a Ligue 1 level?

I hope not, but it is true that at 24, he may be at the first crossroads of his career. He’s a player from the region, very attached to his coaching club, but it’s true that there is now an invitation from Ligue 1, and he only has a year left on his contract so maybe it’s time for him to look elsewhere. You should know that Jesse Demingut knows Ligue 1 since he was thrown at the deep end in 2018. He scored a very impressive goal against Metz. He then followed up with a fairly decent season despite the team’s relegation in 2018-2019. His first season in Ligue 2 was quite decent even if a bit erratic. The second season in Ligue 2 was more complex on a personal and team level. Then this season, he totally exploded with Stephane Mullen. He really took the full measure of his potential and I think he’s now ready to see in the top flight, that’s for sure.

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