World High Diving Championships: "With the heat we want to jump with them!"

World High Diving Championships: “With the heat we want to jump with them!”

Debbie Footbridge. Here, on either side of the 7th and 16th arrondissement, near the Eiffel Tower, hearts beat hard on a Saturday afternoon. Despite the sweltering heat (almost 38 degrees) and in the bright sun, Parisians and tourists came to admire the performance of these exceptional heroes.

Two accessories distinguish them: their cell phones in hand, and sunglasses that don’t leave their faces sweaty. “I came for my daughter who has been swimming for 5 years. Gary Hunt, who is going, also started like that, explains, excited, Benjamin, 50. We have a great time with the family. With the heat we want to jump with them!”

On the Debilly footbridge, many spectators attended this extraordinary spectacle. Franco Arland / ICONSPORT Franco Arland / ICONSPORT

The Briton, who obtained French citizenship two years ago, is an attraction today. “I go diving in the same club as Gary Hunt, we came to cheer him up” slips by as a diver fan sounds like a rocker. A special area has been organized for “Gary Hunt” fans and a banner has been raised for him.

As soon as divers are ready to dive, the bell rings. At that moment, it was complete silence. Spectators hold their breath, the few seconds time to prepare the divers at the end of the pier, 27 m high. Then it’s the leap into the void. The water landings are controlled and secured by divers on the Seine. Every new leap is accompanied by applause and cries of joy.

Pablo, a 21-year-old student, was unaware of this event: “I was walking by chance, I heard a noise, I was drawn and I thought it would be good to come. All this makes me say that France is capable of hosting sporting events, we are ready for 2024!” “.

According to the Paris police headquarters, more than 20 thousand people attended this unprecedented parade in the capital.

In terms of competition, Romania was particularly distinguished by putting divers on the podium. Catalin Breda, winner of the 2021 edition in Saint-Raphael, is the winner of this Parisian competition. He broke the competition record set in 2009 with 79.80 points. The favorite, French-British Gary Hunt, who took second place was announced: “I’m happy, relieved, it was a lot of pressure, I’ve never felt so much support in this kind of competition. I stayed at the top of the general classification, that is The main thing. He emphasized that Katalin, congratulations. I came here to win, but I will continue to work. »

The next meeting of Gary Hunt and these extreme divers on July 19 in Copenhagen, for the third stage of 2022 Red Bull Cliff Diving.

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