For RN, this thirteenth circuit, which can always be won, has never won

For RN, this thirteenth circuit, which can always be won, has never won

Johann Duval failed to break this pattern of defeat, and continues to break Dunkirk, the impregnable fortress, while the Royal Army is advancing almost everywhere. And he wants to believe: “Sooner or later, the dam will give way.”

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Sooner or later the dam will break “Johan Duval, who was knocked out in the second round, expects, but with a score”
This shows once again that we are progressing everywhere. We swept all over Saint-Pol, swept up Fort-Mardyck, and came first at Cappelle-la-Grande, at Coudekerque-Branche

For the National Front candidate, this defeat is not necessarily a bad sign: “ Of course it is a disappointment. But we would have had the highest score for an RN candidate in District 13. The goal was to win of course, and I think we can make it happen. “.

“Vergriete put all his weight in the balance”

The dam that RN stumbles upon, however, is Dunkirk and more specifically Malo and Rosendaël. ” We’ve made a lot of progress here again. But this is not enough. Vergret put all his weight in the balance and he was right to do so, because otherwise Kristen Decaudts would not have won. People find it hard to tell themselves it’s a national election, so they voted for Vergriete “.

However, the scenario repeats itself for the RN who cannot break the pattern of defeat. Johan Duval agrees. In Dunkirk, Marine Le Pen’s party candidates are breaching, through election after election, but not tearing down the wall, known as the “Republican Front”.

“They won’t work forever.”

We are about to win! Knowing that all the mayors of Dunkirk have openly united against us. But they won’t work forever
“He wants to cement the loser.

If for him, with the exception of Grande-Synthe, almost all the peripheral towns were taken by RN in District 13, Dunkirk remains the last stronghold to fall: “
We will have to keep working on our local presence, particularly in Dunkirk, and maintain our position as elected local representatives, because we are the only opposition in Dunkirk. Even Nicolet, joined Macron. Now we need to make ourselves better understood

If Johann Duval isn’t really surprised by his defeat, he says he’s ready to set off again, perhaps not too long ago. “
Yes, we failed and failed again. But the policy is long-term. And the country will be so unstable that dissolving the National Assembly is not at all impossible. At that time, you should be ready

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