Julian.  Two new antennas...

Julian. Two new antennas…

Antennas were placed about twenty years ago at Bellevue, Odos Road, and in Teleport, but while wandering around Moran and the airport, walking enthusiasts discovered a sign announcing the installation of a new 36-meter wireless telephone relay. . CRJ met on this subject Bertrand Villacres, First Vice Mayor.

In fact, two antennas will be installed but “neither of them comes at the request of the municipality” would like to specify. “Orange contacted us for the first time, asking us to provide permanent 4G coverage for SNCF on the entire Tarbes-Dax line. They roughly marked the distances between the different towers and called us to see if there was common ground near the railroad. We located the common ground on The other side of the railway is on the site of the old janitor’s house, this antenna will be 33 meters, and the municipality will receive a large rent that will be used for other projects.

It turned out after a while “SFR approached the municipality, in response to a request from the state to enhance coverage to ensure the means to work remotely and communicate more easily. They were targeting sectors of stadiums or multi-purpose halls but the town hall refused to allow them to build in urban areas, and offered land constantly subject to illegal dumping Or use them as toilets for commuters who live in Moran.Therefore, this land will be fenced and maintained by SFR, and the municipality will charge an annual rent.The antenna is 36 meters long as indicated by the sign installed at the edge of the road, and unlike the orange antenna which will only cover 4G, The SFR antenna will cover 2, 3, 4 and 5G in the future.”

Bertrand Villacres is well aware of the opposition of some citizens, especially those who live nearby, but stresses that if SFR chooses to establish itself here, it is because many must have a mobile phone under contract with this operator. He adds that we should not have illusions. “If this is not done on common land, then the operators will have no problem finding an individual who is ready to sell private land for a very attractive rent!” There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of candidates when it comes to financial interests. “98% of the population has a mobile phone but no one wants an antenna near their house. Likewise, everyone is OK with waste disposal, but no one wants a waste treatment and storage management center in close proximity, and we have reached the skew area by sending our waste 200 km from Here! And with high oil prices it will cost us more and more!”

CRJ wondered why not to install a common antenna for all operators, like other municipalities in the constituency, which could avoid deploying many antennas (if each operator should have their own antennas, etc.), visual pollution and frightening health impact that 5G deployment will generate it! “No other operator has approached us.”

Orange and INEO are ready for a media meeting on “antenna deployment” that the city council would like to join. We are waiting for the date…

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