Real estate market in 2022: trends and developments

Real estate market in 2022: trends and developments

What are the emerging real estate trends in 2022?

In an uncertain economic context, investing in real estate today remains a safe bet. After 2021 marked by particularly low mortgage rates, the latest statistical data shows that 2022 is a good year for investing in real estate, which should see stabilization in their prices despite a slight upward trend. But beware, if the price per square meter in Paris drops slightly, this is not the case for the rest of the French cities, which are experiencing a rise in prices.

Turn to a real estate developer

Want to be with? Choose Nexity for all your actions, from land search to housing delivery, including construction and marketing. This real estate developer offers new homes for sale all over France, new homes (T2 to T4 and more), new apartments (studio, T2, T3…), land for construction and housing in serviced residences. It offers a variety of real estate programs.

Loan renewal without interest

Due to the health context, the government has decided to extend the new PTZ until December 31, 2022. You wish Want to learn more about PTZ? If you want to gain access to real estate or if you are looking to buy your first apartment, an interest free loan is what you need. This loan is designed to help low and middle income families obtain it first main residence, Provided that certain criteria are met, such as the geographic location of the property, the composition of the family unit and the ceiling on resources. Its advantages are numerous, in particular with regard to the repayment period that can be deferred for 5, 10 or 15 years, during which the family does not make any monthly payments on its own PTZ. Want to learn more and know your eligibility requirements? The easiest way is to order it from a Nexity Promoter and use a free, no-obligation emulator for your PTZ device based on your personal situation.

Long-term loan to finance your energy renewal business

Do you need to make renovations to improve the energy performance of your home? Since 2022, Nexity has created an interest-free environmental loan, or sustainable development loan, as part of its Housing Energy Renewal Plan. Attention, this loan is only intended for the completion of qualified works by professionals. With a maximum amount of 50,000 euros (to be repaid within 15 years), which varies according to the business, this loan will allow 100% of the business to be financed. Pour souscrire à ce prêt, les travaux devront concerner aussi bien l’isolation de la toiture, que les planchers bas sur sous-sol, le vide sanitaire ou passage ouvert, mais aussi l’installation d’un système des source ‘Renewable energy.

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