Insurance: MMA invites its clients to innovate and design the insurance of tomorrow

Insurance: MMA invites its clients to innovate and design the insurance of tomorrow

Participatory design, or how to unite clients around a common project

MMA launches “”, a digital collaborative platform that aims to mobilize a client community of at least 2,000 members in order to participate in building the insurance offerings and services of tomorrow. This space for discussion and co-creation between MMA and its members complements the company’s more than two-year effort on quality client relationships.

The platform takes the form of a website where MMA clients are invited to share their ideas, interact with the community and give their opinion on a project or company reflection. The site is also part of the “motivation” logic to encourage and reward customer engagement and commitment.


Your thoughts against gifts…

In order to motivate Internet users, MMA offers a reward system with gifts. But gifts are not included… Do netizens also have to give ideas as gifts? This is not specified.

Customer sharing site will highlight the projects implemented by MMA in the form of clickable thumbnails, encouraging the community to participate. Ten consulting themes will be presented each year to clients on various topics: corporate social responsibility, personalization, remote or in-branch services, etc. Apart from consulting, the animation system is planned to maintain the dynamics and participation of community members. Internally, will also make it possible to embed “customer feedback” among employees and leaders of the MMA project.

Interactive ‘Projects’ pages

Each thumbnail is associated with a page dedicated to a project. Participants can post their contributions (ideas, experiences, comments, opinions, photos, votes, etc.) and answer the survey. Everyone will also be able to respond to posted proposals. The first project How do you make securing tomorrow easier? It will encourage members to share their ideas for solutions that make their daily lives easier. There will be additional questions to guide members in their thinking: How can you help you better understand your insurance? How do you simplify your daily procedures? The ideal relationship with your insurance company, what would it look like? And tomorrow, how can you make your daily life easier?

Marie Michard, Director of Pôle Études and Head of the “” project explains: is an ideal tool for establishing lasting relationships with our policyholders and making insurance simpler, more useful and accessible to everyone. Co-building is not done from closed questions or custom surveys. To participate in the construction, it is necessary to establish dialogue, encourage freedom of expression and produce verbatim records in order to learn from them. Through this community platform, we seek to find keys to innovation in our offerings, services, customer relationships, etc. We also see it as a valuable tool to help understand our offerings. Finally, we will share the “phygital” path, to better understand what our customers expect from remote and in-branch services. »

Julia Sanchez, Director of Consulting at FanVoice, says, We are used to creating and operating community management platforms for many insurance and finance companies, which is why MMA invited us to create “”. At the end of each project consultation, our AI will analyze the results of the questionnaires and the verbatim of the members in order to retrieve all the lessons learned. In addition to this technical aspect, we will by ranking the members most committed to the consultations that took place, interviewing shareholders and highlighting leaders of the MMA project in order to “humanize” this link between the insurer and the insured further. »

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