Investing in real estate from 1000 euros?  This is possible with SCPI

Investing in real estate from 1000 euros? This is possible with SCPI

Sustainable Intensification of Crop Production: An Investment for All Budgets

SCPI is collective investment Which allows savers to invest in rental properties, which mostly consist of professional assets such as offices and shops, through stock acquisition. In exchange for his investment, the unit owner will then get rental income In proportion to the number of shares he owns.

Ten years expert in SCPI and co-founder of, Benoit Earl Shows us that SCPI stocks are largely Within the reach of small budgets : “My clients are always surprised when I show them SCPI, they are not used to the idea that you can enjoy all the benefits of real estate investing with a low entry ticket!”.

With an average entry price of around €1,000, SCPI is not an investment for big budgets. From students to retirees, across companies, SCPIs are meant to be an investment Accessible and adaptable to every profile.

Benoit Earlour advisor Portal-SCPI.fradds that SCPI is alternative With distinction in direct purchase of real estate: “Since it is not a matter of buying a property in its entirety, which is an expensive process, but simply To buy shares in SCPIThe investment cost is much lower.

Why choose SCPI?

to Eat a low startInvestors in SCPI can expect a very good return on investment. For example, by investing 1000 Euros On a sustainable intensification of crop production with a return of 4.8%, an investor can expect a gain of more than €400 on his starting capital, over a 10-year investment period.

if you want Simulate your SCPI investment, By customizing it with your variables, such as your tax system, go to a tool SCPI simulation suggest it With just a few clicks, you can Calculate the gain Your investment potential in relation to the term of your investment and the formation of a portfolio adapted to your desires!

So the civil real estate investment company is a accessible mode, at the same time to requester Who wants to increase their student loan or for retirees who are looking for additional income while securing assets with a high return/risk ratio.

How do you choose the right SPI, given for your budget?

To understand the SCPI investment price, you have to look at Share price and the Minimum Posts To gain it to become a partner, most display a The minimum subscription is about 1,000 euros for new partners.

“Of course, entry prices differ from one SCPI company to another: some offer a higher entry ticket, around 10,000 euros, others a much lower ticket, only about 200 euros! With our experience and knowledge of the market, we know how to recommend SCPI adapted to budget of our clients.” Our expert, Benoît Yerle, explains from

Wealth management specialist convinced Investment support quality What is SCPI, Benoît Yerle shows us that he founded with four partners with the aim of “To create an accessible platform that allows to support investors during all phases of their project. Our job is to create a file trust over the long term and monitoring the choices that are made with our clients over time.”

Thus, in order to make your investment as successful as possible, it is better to prefer objective advice in Independent Wealth Management Company as such With more than 10 years of experience, their consultants will be able to advise you according to your budget and needs. Do not hesitate anymore and contact one of its experts at the following number: or schedule an appointment directly on the website