NBA Klay veut imiter Michael Jordan

NBA – Klay Thompson is ready to introduce “Michael Jordan” to the Warriors!

Loyal to the Golden State since its inception, Klay Thompson has no intention of changing his course. According to his own words, he is ready to imitate Michael Jordan in a certain area. By the way, he gave a big compliment to one of the members of the franchise.

When you become a hero, it’s hard to hold back your joy and all the feelings that go with it. To make it clear, nothing is better than observing Klay Thompson’s reaction, a few minutes after the end of the finals against the Celtics. on a set ofNBA-TV Accompanied by his coach Steve Kerr, he made a wonderful declaration of love for him in a few words, invoking the passing of a certain Bulls legend:

I’m going to be doing Michael Jordan, not playing for any coach other than Steve Kerr. I pledge allegiance to him.

Klay Thompson just wants to play for Steve Kerr

The words are very powerful coming from the guard, but we can totally understand them. Aside from Mark Jackson making his debut between 2011 and 2014, the former Chicago shooter KT was known only as a major tactician of his career. Besides the successes they were able to celebrate together, Kerr was also there for him daily during his long two and a half years of recovery. He also repeated his comments on his teammate’s podcast Draymond Green :

I said to Steve Kerr on the NBA podium, I said, “You know, I’m going to do Michael Jordan.” I’m related to Steve, I don’t play for anyone other than Steve. That’s the plan and it would be weird to be in another franchise with another jersey, so I’m grateful to be here and be mentioned with the Lakers, Celtics and Bulls. Now we are there.

In addition to reaffirming his desire to remain until the end at bay with the Warriors, Keila Clay has no intention of playing on the orders of another coach. Fortunately, a change of staff in this position is clearly not in sight in San Francisco. Aside from some health concerns, Kerr is firmly entrenched in the franchise and shows no signs of wanting to move on. The collaboration should actually continue for a while now.

But then, what is this reference to MJ? In fact, Thompson is referring to the relationship between #23 and Phil Jackson, whom he had a lot of respect for. In 1997, when it was announced that this would be the final season of Zen Master in Chicago, Airness dropped the following statement to fans:

Jerry Krause announced on national television that this was Phil Jackson’s last year as a coach. If true and this was last year for Phil Jackson, then this is my last year as a player.

It can hardly be stronger as a declaration of love for his coach, and Steve Kerr can congratulate himself on gaining this level of loyalty from Klay Thompson. Further proof that the atmosphere in the Warriors locker room couldn’t be healthier.

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