the cars.  Can we change insurance whenever we want?

the cars. Can we change insurance whenever we want?

This is a question that many motorists ask themselves regularly. Car insurance is a compulsory contract in the same way as home protection. Affirmations are also said to be “tacitly renewed”. Obviously, upon signing, a car insurance contract is concluded for a period of one year.

In the absence of express opposition, it will be automatically renewed for the following year. But is it permissible to change the car insurance upon hearing it, especially under any conditions?

Controlling the cost of your car insurance has never been easier

Nowadays, it is relatively easy to change insurance contracts, or even just insurance companies. Major insurers understand that the majority of their auto customers have been staying at home for more than three years, but that number continues to decline.
Insurance becomes a product like any other, and it must be possible to change it when it no longer fully conforms to the expectations of its holder.

Developing insurance comparisons as provided by insurance brokerage professionals, such as Assurland, greatly facilitates price comparison. This way, it is very easy to get one or more quotes from the competition. In particular, this may allow you to renegotiate with your usual insurance company.

When is the insurance changed?

Since the adoption of Hamon’s law in 1Verse In January 2015, you can change your car or motorcycle insurance at any time, at no additional cost, once you pass the first year of the contract.

Previously, your contract included an expiration period that you should not miss, if you wanted to terminate it. From now on, there is no need to wait for the anniversary date of your contract to notify your insurance company of your departure. You can play the competition whenever you want.

How to change the insurance company?

Your decision has been made, contact your new insurance company, he is the one who takes care of all the steps. Within a maximum period of fifteen days, the previous insurer must have sent you a notice of cancellation. This document sets out the amount of the balance owed to you, as well as the expiration date of the contract. Your previous insurance company will also have communicated your statement of information to your new company.

After the thirty day period, your old contract is terminated and any credit has been paid by your previous insurance company. The next day, your new contract can start.

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