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Bordeaux: Crowe deprived of his accommodation, student threatens hunger strike

Dozens of students from the village of 6 Cruz (Gradignan) are about to find themselves on the street. (© Actu/Justin Laine)

A student from the village of 6 of Crewe Bordeaux AquitaineLocated Camille Julian Street in Gradignan (Gironde), threatens to make a file hunger strike From June 30, 2022. the reason ? He and dozens of other tenants were asked to leave their apartments to allow the buildings to be rehabilitated, without any alternative housing.

forgotten files

In March 2022, problems began for the residents of Village No. 6. An email to inform them of the upcoming rehabilitation of the building. Then they are presented with a questionnaire: the tenants must indicate to the institution whether they wish to move and, if so, they have the choice between being so until the end of the school year (August 31, 2022) or renewing the housing application for 2022-2023 which begins in 1 September.

Benjamin*, 25, a third-year computer science student, responded to this survey. Completely focused on his studies, he did not worry about the lack of news from Crous… until June 10, when he was informed that it was too late to take advantage of the rehousing. He wonders why his reply was not processed in time.

In a similar case, Karim*, a Master of Civil Engineering and resident of Village 6 for two years, claims that he was only offered one alternative housing. For 248 euros per month, compared to 149 euros for his current residence! A ‘too expensive’ rate for renters who were already struggling to pay the previous rate.

They should set an example in implementing their obligations, it is the French state after all!

generousA student residing in the village 6

The student determines that it is his right. According to the terms and conditions of accommodation in university accommodation, “for health and service organization reasons, Crous may be required to transfer a student temporarily subject to the same conditions of rest and fees.”

The Crous of Bordeaux-Aquitaine specifies that there is no equivalent rent accommodation in their park, but that “this financial aid can be paid until 08/31/2022” to students who “have” the rent difference. [peut] be a hindrance. However, none of the students interviewed had heard of such a suggestion.

“We don’t know where we’re going to sleep.”

Seeking support, and panicked by the situation, some students, such as Benjamin and Karim, sought help from Crous’ social service. The organization says it “helped [ceux] who asked for it and [que] Each case was the subject of an individual social assessment in order to provide an appropriate response and assistance.”

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At the site, the young social workers told that it was not their responsibility to help them find other university housing, but that they could help them find a roof quickly.

So Benjamin was directed to hostels where, as he specified, “it is impossible to stay more than three or four days.” Meanwhile, Karim was directed to homeless shelters. Unimaginable solutions to the two seekers.

“After June 30th, we don’t know where we will sleep…”, Karim says. “We are all in exam period in one way or another. Me, I have an internship starting in July. What should I do?”

constant pressure

“Every day, we get calls to arrange inventory, I had to cut off my phone to be quiet,” Benjamin said desperately. And when they’re not phone calls, they’re impromptu visits. He admits: “I am afraid, but if we answer, it is as if we agreed to leave. »

He continues: “Many of the students have already given in to the pressure, agreeing to leave the building without saying anything. For those who remained, few who would dare to act with us concretely, were afraid of what Crowe could do. »

Some work has already started, especially regarding electrical boxes. “We really feel driven,” Benjamin says. And if the students break down and, unfortunately, end up accepting Crowe’s proposal, the young man determines that this is no longer possible: “It is too late, they said.”

No more asylum

For Karim, it is already too late. After an interview with the lodging manager, he was denied access to Crous for lodging the following year. He even received, on Monday, June 22, a notice of eviction from a warden, telling him he had to leave the building by June 30 at the latest.

Last February, another situation affected the campus: Students then reported having no hot water and being victims of a cockroach infestation. To address these problems, he ordered the residents to leave, but the latter requested today[nt] Just to have a home, even in these circumstances.”

Karim intends to fight to the end and call a lawyer. However, due to lack of the means to make his voice heard, the civil engineering student specifies that he is “determined to strike hunger and thirst” as long as no solution is found for him.

On Thursday, June 23, students will stage a sit-in in the dormitory to demonstrate against the treatment they are receiving.

* Assumes first names at students request

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