Camp Kno is ready to resume service

Camp Kno is ready to resume service

entertainment. Like many other organizations of this kind, Camp Kino is eagerly awaiting the return of day camps and vacation in the summer of 2022. Young visitors will be rewarded for the forced interruption of the past two years due to the pandemic. To experience new adventures in nature. In fact, management took advantage of this setback to invest more than $415,000 in these facilities.

Camp Kéno offers a screen class for young people to encourage them to be active and discover nature. Photo courtesy of Kno Camp

Many cool new features await campers for the upcoming summer season. In particular, Kéno has enhanced its regular program by adding specialized and thematic residencies. A new obstacle course, new hiking trails and new marine equipment await the youngsters in the heart of Portnov Natural Regional Park. Customers will be welcomed in the renovated infrastructures.

After two years of closure, children and parents were eager to return to the camp. This enthusiasm was confirmed by the increased number of registrations. We are now in the final preparations before summer, but the camp has already come back to life. Since the end of May, we welcome children who come with their school to the Green Class. I can assure you that there is fun and discoveries,” testifies Martin Dumas, Director of Operations at Camp Kino.

in nature

In addition to its classic entertainment and youth start-up programs to its many nature attractions, the organization offers new immersive stays. Hence, teenagers between the ages of 15-17 can take part in a long canoe excursion on the Mestasepi River Nord Quest. An enriching learning experience on a scenic river.

For their part, campers aged 12-14 have the opportunity to learn the basics of fishing with an expert collaborator from the Speyrit Fly Fishing School. “The art of nose-blowing is thriving and it is an accommodation that families expect. While quenching their thirst for discovery, budding fishermen will learn to transcend themselves, have confidence in themselves, and will develop their skill. Not to mention the pride they will feel when they catch their first fish,” says Mr. Dumas.

Finally, younger children between the ages of 10 and 14 can practice rock climbing in a safe environment. They are invited to climb walls that are tailored to their abilities as novice climbers. Both equipment and facilities are intended to ensure an approach that favors the start of fun.

A new immersive program offers a supervised long-range canoe excursion experience on the river. Photo courtesy of Kno Camp

The workforce and the epidemic

On the organizational level, the general labor shortage has not spared the camp, which is headquartered in St. Augustine, without compromising its operations. The staff will be sufficient and qualified to properly supervise its young clients. But after two years of inactivity, it must be admitted that recruitment has become more and more difficult.

“To ensure we can accommodate every child and deliver the usual quality of Keno, we have adapted our service offering. In this regard, we have had to stop receiving recordings even though demand continues. We are currently short on about four screens and a few people in the kitchen. Otherwise, the The team is strong, ready and can’t wait until summer camp,” says Martin Dumas.

In terms of preparing for the long-awaited return to a “more normal life,” the good news is that hints of the pandemic will have very little impact on the progress of activities. There is still a protocol in place if symptoms develop, but the majority of measures are in line with government recommendations. In short, young campers should make full use of nature to enjoy and discover.

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About Camp Keno

  • A non-profit organization that has been based on in-kind youth rejuvenation for over 55 years.
  • Recognized as a leader in programs that contribute to the development of independence in young people between the ages of 4 and 21.
  • The educational projects have focused on the outdoors and are based on the concept of Psychosocial Inspiration through Nature and Adventure (IPNA).
Investments of more than $415,000 have made it possible to improve and enhance the organization’s facilities. Photo courtesy of Kno Camp

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