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Captain America Civil War: Best MCU Movie? The discussion has begun!

Since launching the MCU in 2008, the franchise has become a true empire with currently 28 films and 7 series to its credit. And this is just the beginning, because Disney and Marvel Studios She still has a lot of other projects in the pipeline, with tons of blockbuster movies in the pipeline.

For those that have already been released in theaters, we can say that there really is something for everyone, including some films that have won special fans. In particular, many agree on that Captain America: Civil War It is the best movie in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A huge discussion about this has been launched on Reddit as reported by Wegotthiscovered.

“Best Marvel movie ever”

The discussion was opened by u / ThroatyBark177, the latter posted a long message explaining why Captain America: Civil War It is the best Marvel movie for him. u/ThroatyBark177 has gone so far as to call it “the best Marvel movie ever.”

For him, Civil War has it all: a captivating story with deep and interesting conflicts, great action sequences, but above all a complex and exciting opponent. Discover his message and arguments on this thorny topic:

“I think Captain America: Civil War has been underestimated over the years and has a lot of strengths to take down. Let me give a few reasons why I think this is the best Marvel movie ever made:

Big opponent: Baron Zemo

Complex character with an interesting background. Zemo is not unlike most Marvel opponents, who tend to have distinctly evil intentions. He witnessed the dark side of the Avengers and how their recklessness killed his family. It’s amazing how Zemo – the man who wants nothing more than to tear the Avengers apart – is portrayed, and his statement at the end of the movie to Secretary Ross just shows that his plan worked.

Main conflict points:

Sokovia Agreements (if the Avengers have discretion and risk losing control, or opting for a limited operation under government oversight)

Iron Man (revenges his parents) vs Bucky Barnes (self-defense, because he didn’t intentionally kill Tony’s parents as the Winter Soldier)

Iron Man (has a right to know the truth about his parents’ death) vs. Captain America (defends his friend, Bucky, who has been brainwashed into the horrific acts he did)

zemo vs avengers

Fantastic action sequences (Especially the last fight between Iron Man against Captain America and the Winter Soldier.)

Overall, I think Civil War was more in depth than any other Marvel movie, and I found myself re-watching it a few times. »

What do those who disagree think?

Many fans have endorsed u/ThroatyBark177’s arguments, especially against those arguing that Avengers Infinity War or Endgame are more claiming the title of best Marvel movie. “Civil war is more primitive and personal”, However, he responded to the Redditor, insisting that by highlighting the opposition between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, the film helped show “The basic character of the two [hommes]What makes each of them tick and why wouldn’t you want to be on the wrong side of any of them?”. This is what would make a civil war so great.

Yes, but obviously not everyone thinks that way and some fans don’t agree with the idea at all. On the contrary, some see it Captain America Civil War It is the worst movie out of the three (The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier). “I didn’t like it. I certainly didn’t think it was worth sacrificing for Captain America.”In particular, the Redditor announced, pointing to the fact that Civil War wasn’t clear that Captain America was the Avengers movie.

The debate on this topic is not ready to end. Head here to follow the fan debate about Captain America: Civil War as the best MCU movie… or not.

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