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Driving license candidates adopt online learning ‘PACA’s Economic and Political Rhetoric’

The online driving school Lepermislibre, located in Bouches-du-Rhône since 2019, confirms its strong growth and makes learning to code and driving a license accessible to as many people as possible.

Lepermislibre is a major player in live traffic law training, with 97,000 hours of educational video content watched and 4 million code sets consumed in 2021.

The startup has been present in Marseille and in Bouches-du-Rhône since 2019, and has seen strong growth in Marseille candidate registrations between 2020 and 2021 with 8000 people registered, i.e. +32%. This enthusiasm was confirmed between 2021 and 2022 with nearly 4,000 additional candidates registered during this period. In total, Nearly 12,000 candidates for law and driver’s license in Marseille The surrounding areas have benefited from this new method of learning based on new technologies, which has many advantages.

To support the candidates in their learning, Lepermislibre has opened over 23 meeting points in and around Marseille. Also, approximately 2,352 hours of driving are available in July and August for candidates who want to take advantage of the summer to take driving lessons from 36 certified instructors who work with the platform. Teachers who will soon reach 50 in the department, given the strong growth of the service in Marseille and the surrounding area.

for Romain Durand, Managing Director of Lepermislibre“Our service finds a real resonance in Marseille, one of the cities in France where our growth is strongest. Young people especially appreciate the flexibility of our service, the innovative aspect and the support we give them through teachers who follow them individually throughout their learning.”

Lepermisliber relies on several effective tools to provide them with a serious solution that respects their budget and adapts to their lifestyle to pass the two tests:

? Proven method with enhanced tutorial Training courses adapted to their own pace

? Innovative technology tools This allows for personal tracking of candidates

? Certified driving instructors who accompany candidates in an individual manner throughout their learning period from 6 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week

? Financing your driver’s license thanks to CPF via

It should be noted that since the establishment of RdvPermis in the region, candidates can avail a place for the driver’s license exam within only one month after the candidate has been registered by the teacher, that is, the moment he feels his candidate is ready for the exam.

Purchasing Power: Online driving schools allow the French to save money with the same quality of education

Due to the impact of inflation and the rising cost of raw materials, many French people are rationing their expenditures, but some are necessary to ensure a smooth continuity of their daily lives or their future. A driver’s license is one of them.

Synonymous with the pursuit of higher education, openness, job search and social connections, the driving license is the most popular test in France. It collects an average of approximately 1.5 million candidates each year, willing to invest an average of €1,800 to succeed in obtaining the precious sesame (UFC Que Choisir Study). The price varies according to the number of driving hours and the number of tests.

At Bouches du Rhône, for example, a study by UFC Que Choisir revealed that formula code and 20 hours of driving represent Budget 1419 EUR via a traditional driving school for 729 EUR by choosing an online driving school. Big savings for consumers who are forced to rationalize their spending in the face of the economic crisis.

“Our online model allows us to charge more attractive rates without neglecting the quality of education. As evidence of this, we regularly develop new tools to ensure our candidates have the best chance of success and we work with certified teachers who follow up on candidates in an individual way » Roman Durand concludes.

Lepermislibre in France, in a few numbers:

? 200% revenue growth

? 1000 points encounter driving all over France

? 110,000 candidates registered with law and driver’s license in 2021

? Over 300,000 candidates supported since 2015

? 800 independent observers (vs 350 at the end of 2020)

? 400 cities where you can learn to drive

About Lepermislibre

Lepermislibre is an accredited online driving school, launched in 2015 in Lyon by Romain Durand and Lucas Tournel. The startup, which employs a team of 74 people, aims to reinvent highway code learning and driving through a method that combines driving school-certified expertise with innovative technology tools and personalized support.

Thanks to an unlimited offer at only 19 euros, trainees benefit from a variety of content and training videos in line with the theory test, to learn the code online and take the test in 600 La Poste centers thanks to the partnership between the two representatives.

Candidates can then be connected to more than 800 independent teachers in 400 cities in France to take driving lessons and pass their driver’s license from €729 (includes motorway code + 20 hours of driving) either 35% cheaper than a driving school. B license training is adapted to each candidate’s pace, with driving hours available 7 days a week from 6am to 11pm.

Lepermisliber has obtained more than 300,000 candidates for a 6-year code and B license.

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