More than 4 out of 10 young people cannot buy a home

More than 4 out of 10 young people cannot buy a home

Real estate prices are still high and credit rates continue to rise. The double punishment for young people who wish to become owners. That is the wish of nearly 7 French people under the age of 35 out of 10 (68%), according to the Opinion Way survey of Orpi, France’s leading real estate network (1,350 agencies). Reassuring and Profitable Evidence of Personal Success and an Opportunity to Create a Legacy: Qualifications do not lack for summarizing real estate assets. But 42% of young people believe that they cannot buy a home in the current context.

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Confirmation with Orbi’s own numbers: Of the 18-25-year-olds interviewed by the network, 72% said they were not owners. However, there are 64% in searches. But quite a few properties correspond, according to them, to their budget, which is very limited because they are often first-time buyers and therefore do not have high savings and/or contribution. This punishes them in the face of the increasing debt demands of the bankers as well as the distance between home and work as well as your housing condition. In fact, your fuel budget will be higher the more you search for property from your office, assuming you have to take your car. In addition, if you choose a thermal strainer, then work will be necessary. With rising inflation, its cost is becoming more and more expensive.

Revitalization of medium-sized cities

Of the 25- to 35-year-olds interviewed by a European, most were homeowners (78%) but more than half (55%) had a relationship with someone between the ages of 35-50 and 34% owned their home for less than a year’s wages . “Increasingly, young people are competing, for the same commodity, with older profiles, which sellers perceive as more reassuring.What can be done to prevent their permanent exclusion from the real estate market? The answer seems clear: lower prices. How? The solution that comes up again and again is to build more housing. But another option is gaining momentum: revitalizing middle cities. the size.

With the advent of remote work, many young people are moving away from big cities to enjoy a better quality of life.analyzes Guillaume Martinaud. To settle there, housing and land must be redesigned“. And therefore , “Young people are increasingly vigilant about digital convenience, especially fiber connectivity and proximity to transportation”, confirms a European president. And that’s not all: 68% of people surveyed by Opinion Way would like housing to be more environmentally responsible or independent.

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President Emmanuel Macron has made ecology a priority in his second term and in particular wants to renovate 700,000 homes a year. But some believe, among real estate experts, that the help is insufficient. “If the French are ready to mobilize to imagine the future of real estate in a more responsible way, we must give them all the paperwork on hand to allow them to take action.Guillaume Martinaud concludes.

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