bercy pourrait changer la formule du taux d'usure

Mortgage credit: Bercy says it’s ready to change the rate of erosion – Ace Credit

The rise in borrowing rates continues and does not affect interest rates. A situation that slows down many borrowers who are denied credit. Percy guarantees consideration of the question.

Borrowing rates continue to rise

Not surprisingly, mortgage rates continue to rise after hitting their lowest level. In June 2021, households could borrow at an average rate of 1.05%, all terms combined. from now on, The trend has been upward since the beginning of 2022 The rates show an average of 1.37% over 25 years in April and 1.25% over 20 years, according to figures from Observatoire Crédit Logement CSA. Another factor complicating access to credit: the low rate of erosion. Indeed, the rate of usury has not yet exceeded the high rates and amounts of borrowing, at 1Verse April, at 2.40% for 20-year loans, compared to 2.41% for the previous quarter. This erosion rate represents the maximum beyond which banks cannot grant a loan. Threshold initially intended to protect households from abusive borrowing rates.

wear rate problem

But if this drop in usury rates seems like good news for borrowers, they are actually denying certain classes of borrowers access to mortgages. The problem comes from calculating the wear rate. This was determined by the Banque de France, which is based on average rates of loans granted over the last quarter, which increased by a third. Concretely, very low real estate rates that resume the upward trajectory and wear rate that continues to fall due to the resulting account lag The scissor effect excludes some families from funding.

So if the annual percentage rate (APR) is higher than the usury rate, it is not possible to borrow. As a reminder, the annual interest rate (APR) includes not only the nominal rate offered by the banks, but also all other credit-related costs (borrower’s insurance, application fee, guarantee, etc.). Currently, the gap between the average rates applied by banks and the usury ceiling is small. This is why it has become difficult for some families to obtain a mortgage.

Percy creates quick solutions to access credit

This wear threshold problem preoccupies Percy, who appears ready to change the formula for wear rates. This has been confirmed by the Ministry of Economy “Working on quick solutions to take into account the impact of high borrowing rates on usury rates.”. Percy also met at the end of May 2022 with the French Banking Union for Ultimately finding the right balance between consumer protection and access to property.

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