Real Estate Aggregators: These Search Facilitation Tools

Real Estate Aggregators: These Search Facilitation Tools

Written by Marion Regno,


Published on 06/21/2022

Real estate ads aggregator: a service to find your property quickly and easily

Various solutions exist when one sets out to look for housing. It is as possible as possible to use an agency, a real estate hunter, or widely used real estate advertising sites. The odds are usually expensive or time consuming. In response to these issues, new property search players have come up with an innovative idea: saving you big time, facilitating your property search and providing you with many useful tools, in short, everything so that you can find the accommodation of your dreams! This is famous Real estate search engines Equipped with technology capable of bringing together all advertisements published by agencies and individuals on one easy to use platform.

What is a real estate search engine?

a real estate complex So it makes it possible to aggregate various real estate ads available on all real estate websites, such as Leboncoin, SeLoger, Bien’ici, Logic-immo, etc. Instead of doubling yourself on these different offer portals where there are risks of showing up the same ads, just consult one! In the form of a mobile app or website, or even both, these search engines make it easy for you to search for ads and cater to Internet users. Some come with additional tools or services to support the user in their future funding and acquisition journey!

Advantages of a real estate search engine

The proposal of the real estate advertising aggregator has many advantages thanks to its innovative concept and the various tools available to it:

  • Unique Consulting Platform : Obviously, the main advantage of aggregators is to offer an aggregated offer on the same platform, by collecting offers from professionals and individuals. All-in-one service!
  • Real time saving : Instead of scattering on a large number of advertising sites and moving to the same offers from one site to another, centralization saves you a lot of time. In addition, it is generally possible to set up an alert system to be notified in real time of new announcements in the market to make sure that nothing is missed.
  • Access to the most comprehensive offer Aggregators are designed to retrieve all offers available online, even if they are listed on smaller, less consulted sites, for the widest possible range of offers. You may find the rare pearl…
  • Targeted search : The aggregators will arm themselves with advanced search criteria to allow you to refine the offers and even find the property that suits you, especially for specific requests (life annuity, co-location, commercial buildings, castles, etc.)
  • There is no competition Real estate search engines are neither in competition nor in partnership with advertising sites and agencies. Therefore, supply of goods is intended to be objective and not subject to competition. In short, search in complete transparency
  • Additional Tools : Some compilers will have specific tools to facilitate and enrich your search (geolocation on a map, sales statistics for an area, insurance service, simulators for calculating monthly credit payments, the cost of housing-related taxes, estimating notary fees to set up your credit as as possible , etc.) is a smart way to think more about your approach and start preparing for your future property acquisition.

How do I know which real estate search engine to go to?

It has been several years since many years Real estate ad aggregators I have flourished in the landscapes of searching for the good. If everything is based on the same innovation of the search facilitator, they manage to distinguish themselves in spite of everything by the different services they offer and their performance. In fact, not all of them are necessarily intended for sale and rent, and to specialize in one or the other; Others will also focus their field of work on target geographic areas, etc. In short, it is easy to get lost among all the players available in the market and not all of them are equal either. This is why we have written a page that lists the major players in the market whose role should be Real estate search engine, which we have tested and compared for you. We invite you to read it and share your experience, suggestions and questions with us to enrich and update the comparison as much as possible.

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