shounen anime manga: which one is better?

shounen anime manga: which one is better?

shounen manga anime They are the indispensable of youth culture, this animated series, which comes directly from Japan, has conquered several generations, the number of addicts is staggering and the number of beginners just as much. There is literally something for everyone!

So the determination of Best shounen anime manga It is definitely a very difficult task, however, some are considered classics and almost all followers agree.

The most famous manga classic shounen anime!

Of course, it is difficult to manga anime ranking And to set the best, though, some Japanese anime series are cult anime that have rocked many generations.

In fact, who does not know dragon ball, Moreover, many of us enjoyed the ubiquitous Kaméhaméha tradition. Goku’s adventures sparked interest in the series: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super.

in between Classic shounen anime manga, we also find One Piece, a masterpiece signed by the great Eiichiro Oda whose central character is Monkey D. Luffy or better known as Straw Hat Pirate. Luffy continues his adventures with his extraordinary crew, with very captivating characters: Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Senji, Nico, Frankie, Brock Chopper and others, to become the Pirate King.

Through the various brackets, we discover very accurate historical references. In fact, Eiichiro Oda knew how to make One Piece a true reference in terms of Japan.

Moreover, among the long list shōnen anime manga references, We find Kentaro Miura’s masterpiece, the famous berserker. The anime follows the adventures of duo Guts and Griffith in a world decimated by war. The anime manga deals with many cruel themes of earthly life that Guts fight with fierceness, revenge and rage.

You can’t cite the classics without mentioning Don’t miss manga From 2000. Yes, we are talking about Naruto, this animation highlights the world of ninjas, emphasizing the noble values ​​of life, such as the importance of family, loyalty of friends and loyalty to the elderly.

We also can’t count Attack on Titan among the classics, especially sinceshounen anime It is considered one of the best selling Japanese animation works in the world.

To sum up briefly, the manga is about a battle between humans who are limited in technology and superhumans who want to exterminate them.

Akira is also considered basic manga anime, It is, in fact, considered one of the pioneer manga that introduced anime manga into pop culture.

When he appeared in 1988, he was science fiction manga She was able to boast of the revolutionary animation techniques of that time, moreover, she is often cited as a technical and historical reference in the world of animation creation.

I got it, manga cult list Long, it remains, of course:

  • Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • death note;
  • cowboy bebop
  • JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure;
  • Hunter X Hunter;
  • one-man punch;
  • Senior Onizuka teacher;
  • Hajime no Ibo, etc.

who have a somewhat special audience and who continue to seduce generations.

Best manga anime planned for this year!

Designation Best manga anime It remains subjective, it is a fact, because it is never easy to categorize artistic creations. However, some have succeeded in convincing a large number of addicts.

in between Most Popular Anime Manga And slated for April, you have The Rising of the Shield Hero (season two), a series that combines drama, adventure, and fantasy. In fact, in this sectionAnd the New comrades will join Naofumi to fight monsters from hitherto unexplored regions.

else The manga is very much anticipated By most die-hard fans, it’s Spy x Family, the anime narrates the extraordinary adventures of an atypical family whose father isn’t ready to take on the role. A family with supernatural everyday life, because the mother is a kind of killer and the child is a true telepathic.

Bleach was also planned, in fact, it is the impatiently awaited version of the thousand year blood war, where the spirit community will plunge into the most extreme state of crisis. Unsurprisingly, the list is much longer!

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