Social assistance: RSA, activity bonus … This new system to help entrepreneurs in difficulty

Urssaf is collaborating with Family Allowances, Pension and Health Insurance to publish Help! Offer new support for entrepreneurs facing difficulties.

It all started with one observation: There is social assistance to support entrepreneurs in difficult times. But the latter doesn’t use it much or not at all, often lack of knowledge. Another problem: Because of the close interdependence between the professional and private lives of business leaders, Payment difficulties Self-employed people often exceed Arsaf’s sole jurisdiction.

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Promoting access to social rights

result? to improve supported Entrepreneurs when they face financial, medical, family or social difficulties Urssaf shares health insurance, family allowances and retirement insurance. The four entities together launched an instruction!: A Show support Coordination and acceleration.

In detail, help! takes shape Online quiz. Entrepreneurs, craftsmen, merchants and liberal professionals can report a complex situation by responding 10 questions. Then the results of the questionnaire are sent to the various boxes. The latter can then select the most appropriate devices (Supplementary Health Care, Active Solidarity Income, Activity Bonus, etc.) and then quickly process the file to activate these aids as quickly as possible.

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Thanks to this new device, it becomes possible Combine different work levers From each network (social benefits, social work, social support, payment schedules, etc.) to Promote better access to rightscare and social assistance, Orsaf explains in a press release dated June 16.

help! It was the subject of experiments in the Marne department from February 2020. The system must exist It extends to the entire territory. The first reactions appear to be encouraging. In Languedoc-Roussillon, the system enabled, for example, a couple working in the construction sector to obtain new rights When her child fell ill, according to the radio RTS.

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