A picture of Paolo Garbesi, the rugby kid of Diego Dominguez

A picture of Paolo Garbesi, the rugby kid of Diego Dominguez

At 22, Transalpin will have the keys to Hérault’s game. A great step on the road to unique progress.

Over a short decade, Montpellier has brought together the ten celebrities: François Triné-Duc (until 2016), Aaron Crudin (2017-2019), Johann Jossen (2018-2021), Alex Lozowski (2020-2021), Hendry Pollard (2019-2021). Or even the versatile Francois Stein (2015-2020) successfully drive each other. MHR has bet dearly and pinned a lot of hopes on this star-studded show. Ironically, he may raise the first shield in his history, at the heart of the game, with an opening unknown to the general public.

On July 9, 2021, on a date when the transfer window traditionally closes, MHR announced the signing of the so-called Paolo Garbisi: “It’s part of a nugget of Italian rugby.”, then said “PSA” about his recruiter, working in the Hope Contract. After 350 days, the miracle of Venice exceeded expectations to the point of imposing itself naturally. From Milan, Diego Dominguez, the legendary captain of Nacional with his highest score of 1,010, speaks with admiration and tenderness: “I’ve known him since he was 13 years old, Says the former maestro of Paris. Paolo had taken part in a course that I organize every year in Rome. 1,000 kids sign up and 50 are drawn to spend a week with me.” Serendipity sometimes does things very well: Like a happy omen, I put the gun in these expert hands. “I treat young people like top players. At the entrance, they leave their cell phones and watches, everyone wears the same clothes, and for seven days, they just play. The only thing that speaks, is the stadium.” Where Paulo has already expressed himself better. Between the myth of the past and the promise of the future, the features of filiation are identified: “Paulo was different. He was a bit introverted but very talented: he was very lively, skilled and a great read for the game… He was a raw talent.”

Dominguez: Improved his defense

Of the nearly 800 apprentices who have since been welcomed, Paolo Garbesi has been of particular interest: Cus Milano Rugby’s project manager has followed his hatching, from Mogliano to Treviso via Padua: “From year to year, I was amazed at the speed of his progress and I’ve heard nothing but good things about him.” His wonderful reputation soon found an echo on the other side of the Alps he crossed last summer: “It was a very good choice. I am convinced that competition is the best thing that can happen to a player. It is an opportunity to get into a high level system, within a very strong tournament. As long as you approach it positively and want to work. So everything is fine.” Where some saw danger, he saw opportunity: “He was ready to take on the challenge. He already had 6 states in his claws and MHR became a very well organized club, focused on training.” The sequel proved him right: the number 10 became his: “He was in competition with Handré Pollard, the inaugural world champion, and Luis Forsans Bordet, a very good young man at the club, but he managed to earn the trust of the staff. He worked hard to get there.” Described as a licensed striker, Paolo Garbese was able to push his limits and at the same time, impose his own destiny. “He has improved a lot, especially in his defence. Now he will ‘look’ for an intervention.” By 86% during the season, the Montpellier player surprised himself on the field. But the hardest part is yet to come. “Friday will be a big test in defense, he will be targeted. Against UBB he was good at that.”

“He has no knots to do”

His sober and efficient performance in the semi-final reinforced the convictions of his compatriots. Those of Luciano Orquera, another great No. 10 of the selection, are in the Allianz Riviera Extensions: “This team suits him and I think he was the number 10 San Andre was looking for: his long game of kicks is invaluable to put pressure on him. He has talent in attack but he also knows how to be clean in what he does.” “He had half periods that felt good, he gained metres, didn’t return balls and made an assist to try Ratis, resume “DD”. There are so many wonderful little things he was able to do under pressure.” “It was clean, well handled, Supports the previous Brivist. The fact that he is surrounded by experienced players helps him even if, at the age of twenty-two, he has already reached an astonishing maturity. He appears to be self-confident.”

Four months after achieving a historic victory for Nacional in Cardiff, Paolo Garbessi is able to add a new line to his story. By the time of kick-off, Diego Dominguez, present in San Denis for the occasion, had given him some words of encouragement: What do I want to tell him? To have fun, really, and use his ‘big little experience’. He’s already been through a lot. He has no trouble doing. At his age, he just needs to level up a bit more with each game. It’s time. To take his lead and win that by leading by example. It’s very important in the opening game. Then, for the rest, he’s going to have to work hard with his right foot because he uses the left a lot. And he trains more on the rolls.” The coach is always watching. And the champion, winner of all four championship finals (1998, 2000, 2003, 2004), likes to remember the basics: “Finals, you have to win it and make it win.”

From Rome, the presence of the child prodigy on this level is already seen as a small victory: “I am very happy that Italy found such a good 10, He loves Luciano Orquera. What happens is very good for him and the choice. It shows all practitioners in the country that they can make it to the top. “I’m proud because I really believe in coaching. This is the most important thing, the basis of all success. It’s a great example.”, intentionally evokes Diego Dominguez. Within 80 minutes, the kid from the gun he discovered at the age of 13 is likely to be crowned King of France. A worthy heir.

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