Accommodation, sponsorship, transportation ... Is Cannes really a city for students?  Youth Questions Answers to the Town Hall

Accommodation, sponsorship, transportation … Is Cannes really a city for students? Youth Questions Answers to the Town Hall

We remember the famous October 4, 2021: the mayor of Cannes, David Lisnard, cutting the inaugural ribbon of the Mellier campus, was delighted to open a university in his city.

As a result, he said:Cannes was not a student city. It was the essential link that was missing in our city, on a human level but globally; A dream that has become a reality today.

Already. Méliès offers training that is, for the most part, unique in France. We cannot help but rejoice. But is one university building sufficient to qualify a city as a student city? No, we all know that. students first. In order for Cannes to become a student city, it will have, in addition to the university, to provide young people with an environment in which they can live their studies decently. And this, whatever their means or the means of my father, my mother. He was on the right track.

The following survey was conducted by two journalism students at the University of Millais and in an editorial internship.

Their task: questioning their peers – after a year of operation – could improve their current situation. And make the city, the first financier of the foundation, react.

Find out what’s in its place

They interviewed dozens of students and teachers. Some, financially comfortable, have nothing to complain about. Others, benefactors, understand the need for a transition period for services to organize themselves. They accept with good grace to wipe off the plasters.

So yes, shortcomings have been noted…

As for the university building itself, the lack of a university canteen is largely absent, library opening hours, insufficient workspaces and already defective equipment have been noted.

“But the university promises that this will be settled at the beginning of the academic year.” Marie Claire and Jane Guarantee.

With regard to student life in the strict sense of the word, five main topics of interest emerged. here they are. He presented the testimonials that I suggested to them. It was followed by the city’s responses to which they were submitted. Sometimes also with comment from little girls.

A stark primary need: to let students know more about what is being done for them. Why isn’t there a special brochure or, on the city’s website (, a dedicated and documented section. Today, only the existence of the university is mentioned. It shouldn’t be difficult to organize.

It is not easy to move…

“New headquarters Crous is poorly serviced by buses.” (Marianne Denwell, Head of Information Communications)

Reply from town hall

The Palmbus network provides night buses with Line 20 that run through the campus once every hour until 2 am.

Our downside

Students often go downtown for entertainment. Tables are very restrictive, but this limitation has been reported to the authorities who seem to be responding to our requests.

“The cycle paths are complex and not safe enough.” (Noah Bergot, Lucas Metairie and Bastien Dufour, but the press)

City council response

The tracks are built according to safety rules.

Our downside

In January 2022, journalism students tested course tracks in Cannes as part of a report.

According to them, “The roads do not inspire confidence, they are too close to the cars, and they do not encourage people to choose a bike”.

There are many diversions and cut paths, especially towards the La Bocca strip. This puts novice or new cyclists in the area at risk.


Thus, the ideal option for students would be to review the network, especially La Boca was.

“A bike loan would be better to improve mobility.” (Marianne Denwell, Head of Information Communications)

City council response

The city offers this through the company Palm Vélo, at a rate of 36 euros per month.

Our downside

36 euros per month is a fairly large amount, especially when compared to a PalmBus subscription, which is cheaper.

Another problem

We couldn’t find them…


Web development (especially in La Bocca) and affordable pricing.

Few Accommodations and… Expensive

“It’s complicated to find housing, especially housing at affordable rents!” (Neal Uctable, DUT Information-Communication)

On the city’s website we read thatThe Georges-Méliès campus will accommodate 165 students for a rental fee of 380 euros including fees.

Our downside

Aside from the fact that the buildings are far from the city center and not well served by public transportation, we are about a thousand students on campus. So most accommodation will be reserved for scholarship holders.

Suggestion from the city

University website for private hire (

Our downside

We went to the site. First cold shower: The average rent for a studio in Cannes is €728, and it’s barely affordable, even with APL (housing assistance) for a student with no income.

As a result, when we set a maximum rent of €600, the majority of the apartments, studios or shared accommodation are in Antibes, Vallores or Mougins. Locations that necessarily entail transportation costs.

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