Adaptation to climate change: 2.3 billion euros will be needed annually in France

Adaptation to climate change: 2.3 billion euros will be needed annually in France

Buildings, water, energy or transport networks, preparing coastal or mountainous areas, studies on health impacts: At least 2.3 billion euros in additional financing is needed annually for France’s adaptation to climate change, according to a study.

“At the moment we are not ready especially at the level of financing” adaptation measures, notes Benoit Leger, director general of the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE), which issued this report.

Adaptation “in general is forgotten, and funding goes the same way for the second plan,” he lamented during the show. Because if “it’s good to have climate goals, it is better if these goals are accompanied by a financing plan to support the actors who will make this transition.”

The study describes eighteen measures, divided into three main chapters: funding functions for “improving animation and managing adaptation policy”, with a total amount of €250 million; strengthening of services already contributing to adaptation (weather, civil protection, etc.), for 540 million euros; Dedicated funding for “already mature” projects, in particular in infrastructure networks or housing, for a total amount of 1.5 billion euros. The report insists that this is “at least 2.3 billion euros in the additional year that can be mobilized from the next fiscal bill”.

“In the short term, we must ensure that the topic of adaptation benefits from high-level inter-ministerial support,” if possible in Matignon, Human Resources and Finance, notes Morgan Nicholl, one of the authors. Certains des investissements serviront à faire face à une “augmentation des risques” déjà existante, comme l’extension géographique et saisonnière des feux de forêt, qui va nécessiter plus de fonds pour les services de secours pour cité érelive évent le eff le authors.

Modest and more ambitious measures

Their 18 proposals range from relatively modest budgets, such as an “exploratory national public health program to forecast and prevent climate risks”, at a cost of €2.5 million, to envelopes in the hundreds of millions.

The “Annual Support Envelope for Expansion of Good Adaptation Practices in the City” is therefore valued at €500 million, as well as additional costs in the future construction of “educational and research buildings”. Because it is important that “new investments are adapted, in particular decisions to commit to sums much larger than these €2.3 billion”, insisted another author, Vivian Debus.

But this future vision aimed at “further structural transformations” should be the subject of discussions allowing “political prioritization and arbitration”, on the “strength levels” required for eg infrastructure or even major socio-economic systems, eg agriculture or tourism .

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