The neighbor’s car – Guillaume and his Land Rover Discovery SUV

He stood for the impossible, and he found it in 2016. A Land Rover Defender? “Very uncomfortable. You don’t want to cross France on the plane”. Range rover? “I’ve owned two, not practical enough”so Guillaume treated himself to a vintage Land Rover Discovery 3, 2005.

Because the videographer, operator of drones for advertising and imagination, needs not a simple car, but a three-in-one car, a family car for four people, but can be converted into a tool for transporting his equipment, showing himself as a fighter in some situations, and a great long-distance road to be He has to face it. And the discovery is the only one who fulfills all these conditions in his eyes.

The neighbor’s car – Guillaume and his Land Rover Discovery SUV

Guillaume has set his sights on the TDV6 HSE. He had 156,000 kilometers on board and paid 15 thousand euros for it. Since then, it has traveled approximately 35,000 kilometers every year, without any problem. “Not the slightest vibration or mechanical problem.” Pleased with his purchase, however he considers that the diesel engine, of Ford/PSA origin, does not have the necessary power with only 190 hp, “Because the car still weighs 2.7 tons.”

Roof tent for four people sitting in the hallway

So he spent his life on board the ship for five years. Family life punctuated by day trips, particularly with her two young children confined to their seats in the back, but also punctuated by leisure activities, always with the family. “In the summer we go on a 10-day tour with a four-seater rooftop tent”. Very good quality tent, got it with a friend and shared it.

The neighbor's car - Guillaume and his Land Rover Discovery SUV

But this life also, frequently, consists of long business trips where he appreciates the comfort of discovery. “The large trunk and its two-part opening are very practical for my gear. The disco also allows me to take three or four people.” Sometimes, during shooting operations in hard to reach areas, he has to go through different driving modes of his 4×4 vehicle. Differential lock, short box and electronic brake are sometimes useful on crawls.

But that car that replaces three (utility, recreational and family car) should cost him three times as much as a classic car? It is not. Beyond the purchase price, Guillaume made his calculations: “I have between 1,000 and 2,000 euros of maintenance a year.” He changed the experimental suspension compressor at 200,000 km, and incurred some costs on the front shock absorbers As a precaution. In terms of consumption, it allows 11 to 12 liters / 100 km in the roof box, one liter less when he puts it down. Finally, all-risk insurance for the large machine costs 58 euros per month.

The neighbor's car - Guillaume and his Land Rover Discovery SUV

Therefore, when Guillaume adds to this expense and the pleasure his discovery gives him, he admits that he is ready to start over. His model now has a range of 330 thousand kilometers, and it’s time to change it. “I’m looking for another disco, a third or fourth generation.”

But his search is difficult, because he wants to buy a gasoline model, very rare at the time of the production of the two machines, “At least in Europe. Those who are found usually come from Dubai or the United States.” He plans to turn it into ethanol once he finally finds his dream discovery. In the meantime, he continues his professional and personal life on board, which is still worth between 6000 and 7000 euros. An achievement for a 17-year-old car with a length of 330,000 km.

The neighbor's car - Guillaume and his Land Rover Discovery SUV

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