Heating and holidays ... Bretons are ready to change their habits to lower their energy bill

Heating and holidays … Bretons are ready to change their habits to lower their energy bill

On Sunday, June 26, in JD, the heads of TotalEnergies, EDF and Engie called on the French to significantly reduce their energy consumption, and from now on, with the risk of suffering from a shortage within a few months. Are Bretons ready to change their consumption habits? Apparently yes.

Alain, 48 years old, Brest.

“My wife and I own a house. Hot water and heating are gas powered. The international situation and tensions in the gas market are worrying us. In the coming months, we plan to install a heat pump so that we are not dependent on a single energy. But already, this winter, we have lowered the thermostat to 19 degrees during day and 17 degrees at night We are no worse off We consume less and this helps smooth out the increases a bit On the other hand in the company I work for – we are about fifty employees – it is nonsense In the winter the person in charge of cleaning opens the windows on Shutters.Which is good and healthy.But,sometimes,no one shuts them.Some offices have been vacant for hours.I’m not telling you calories fly away while heating up perfectly.We are two or three to be aware and shut the windows.Same thing As for the light: Some corridors remain lit when no one passes them. Rare are fellows who turn away. At home, they don’t act like that. I find it irresponsible. They would never think of leaving a room with a runoff.”

Eruan and Emma are not going away on vacation

Erwan and Emma, ​​from Van, are in their twenties. They have been employed for a few months. This summer, they planned to spend two weeks on vacation on the shores of Lake Verdon, in the Var. “Gasoline prices have skyrocketed. We can’t afford it. If we had chosen this destination, we would have traveled 2,000 kilometers back and forth. Knowing that our car consumes 7 liters per hundred kilometers, we had 280 euros of fuel. That’s too much for us. We thought about Montpellier for a moment. But it is also very far. So we decided to stay in the Landes. We will see the Verdon again, in the hope that the water level, which has fallen so much in recent months, due to little rainfall, will return to normal.”

Elizabeth, 50, no longer works with air conditioning

Elizabeth is a real estate agent in North Finistere. A few months ago, she didn’t care how many kilometers she traveled at the wheel of her little motor. “A tank full of more than 100 euros is a psychological threshold. Especially when the fuel costs are not covered by the company you work for. So I pay a lot of attention. I no longer put the air conditioner. I read that when activated the consumption increases by 0.4 liters per 100 km on the road. And 2 liters per 100 km in the city. It’s a lot! I also tend to ride cooler. Now I manage my travels and distances as much as possible to consume less.”

Paul found a job near his home

Paul is 25 years old and works in construction in North Finistere. “Previously, the headquarters of the company I worked for was located 50 kilometers from my house. So I was doing 100 kilometers a day to and from work. It costs a lot. Especially when you have a slightly improved Smic. Since the gas station was a gap, I changed The new boxes, which I like very much, are located 20 km from my house. I really feel the difference In addition to the savings, I save a lot of time. »

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