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Music from McDonald’s M Special for 2022

McDonald’s takes us to Italy to live the life of Dolce Vita with its new recipe: M. Music from the ad is the title “lovesick” By Mura Masa featuring ASAP Rocky.

New McDonald’s signature recipe M.

McDonald’s introduces a new burger with a typical Italian inspiration. Having given us a taste of the Italian way of life with Maestro Fabulous FabioMcDow presents the signature M. The Special Mozzarella Cheese It is a delicious sandwich that, as its name suggests, contains a thick slice of Italian cheese, mozzarella fior di latte. To make it more traditional, McDonald’s Add pesto and arugula sauce and finally a delicious 100% French Charolie minced steak. The burgers are available in a version of two types of meat. A Mediterranean recipe developed to bring you fresh and authentic flavors this summer. To accompany this Italian burger, a portion of French fries is also served. The Signature It is a limited edition, which will only be able to be enjoyed for a few weeks! Take the opportunity to have fun.

M Signatures McDonald’s 2022 announcement

McDonald’s M Signature ad starts in the kitchen. We see a woman who imagines she looks like the new recipe for McDow. She has in front of her notebooks many ingredients to make a burger. Obviously, his thoughts drive him to the French meadows in search of Charrolet cows that feed in the open air. We see a breeder in his tractor. Then the idea continues to prepare the signature M.

Each component of the burger is shown. First, the bread is covered with pesto sauce. Minced meat followed by two slices of mozzarella. Then tomatoes and watercress complete the recipe. Finally the slice of bread covers everything until the burger is ready. Next to it we discover a cone of golden French fries.

What is the music in the signature M of the McDonald’s ad?

To accompany the announcement of a new sandwich, McDonald’s chose the title Maura Massa. The song is titled “lovesick” Taken from the album “Mura Massa” Please attach your CV to the letter 2017. In this piece, the artist is shown with As soon as possible, my hero.

mora massa Real name Alex Crosan is a DJ, Producer, Songwriter, and Musician from the Island of Guernsey. He spent his childhood between England and France. At a very young age, he learned to play drums, bass and guitar and did covers. He began to fall in love with dirt music before letting himself be tempted by electro, rap, and R&B. Alex began his career publishing his mixes on SoundClound. He will create his own label, Anchor Point Records powered by Polydor. The studio would allow him to release his debut album which soon became a huge hit.

As soon as possible, my hero Real name Rakim Athelaston Mayers is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and model. He started his career as a singer with the ASAP Mob group. This group whose peculiarity is that they have a very pronounced taste for fashion and want to change the dress code in the world of rap music. It must be said that the artist has always had an artistic flair and a special attraction for haute couture and fashion. ASAP Rocky combines his love for rap and his passion for fashion for years, with success that comes little by little. He became known in the music scene with his band, but also solo. In fact, he collaborated with many artists throughout his career.

After that, ASAP also became a model and roll out for many brands. He will be the brand ambassador of the Pigalle Paris and the inspiration for Calvin Klein. Then he will create with his group, the AWGE brand. ASAP will become the first black to represent the men’s Dior brand in 2016. ASAP Rocky is known for his adventures, problems with sex addiction, and his many conquests. However, he appears to have calmed down by entering into a relationship with artist Rihanna. The couple welcomed their first child in May 2022.

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