Nouvelle médiathèque Jack-Ralite à Clermont-Ferrand : ce sont eux qui en parlent le mieux !

Opening – The new Jack-Ralite media library in Clermont-Ferrand: they talk best about it!

The cultural center is designed to accommodate all audiences: residents, musicians, local actors, associations, entertainment center, young children …

It should promote exchanges between residents and neighborhood stakeholders by promoting mediation with associations, activity centers, neighborhood centers and social organizations.

This new cultural facility accompanies the candidacy of a city
Clermont-Ferrand, European Capital of Culture 2028.

Adjacent to the ImagO C2N Music Center, the Jack-Ralite Media Library, named after an ardent advocate of culture, founder of Culture Public Estates, established in 1987, is equally level, bright, undivided, around a courtyard.

On an area of ​​718 square meters, we find collections with a classic classification: journalism, novels, science fiction, children’s literature …

Chantal is so proud of her neighborhood

In the aisles of the media library, in the “Local Novel” section, her favorite, we came across Chantal. She has been living in the neighborhood for the past 40 years with her husband.

“We were able to go through all phases of construction and today we come regularly, it’s a very nice place. A real added value to the neighborhood we live in deserves so much better than the pictures and prejudices you stick with. I always say ‘come live here and you’ll see!'” “

Rémi and Marin, a quick tram ride from Montferrand

In the “Youth” section we find 5-year-old Marine and his father, Remy. They live in Montferrand.

“We frequent the bookstore a lot, but since the opening of the media library we come a lot. It’s very convenient. A quick tram ride. And it saves us from going downtown. It’s so much fun. Even if Marin tells you there aren’t enough books With dinosaurs!”

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Evidence that all the new equipment contributes to the opening of this northern area of ​​Clermont, Rémy and Marin also go to the cinema … at Val Arena.

Corentin, Maïlo and Zélie, wrote first!

Away from the comics, we’re chatting a bit with Corentin and his two children, Maïlo and Zélie. They are a fan of books and comics in particular. They live in Chanat-la-Mouteyre and search all the media libraries in the area.

excellent Once again in pictures, on the occasion of the opening of the Croix de Nerat Cultural Center (Clermont-Ferrand) on Saturday 25 June

Maïlo’s favorite, 11-year-old? “Riom’s and this one!”

Corentin smiles. “My son reads a lot. More than me his age, but he doesn’t like change. Since we’re used to the old way, a little more ’80s, he’s a bit of a hassle. But there, that’s there he’s used to it.”

“Here, the atmosphere is very bright and really warm. And there is a nice background even if I find it hard to find comics I don’t know. I’ve read a lot of them really and that’s why we prefer media libraries. To save money because a lot wouldn’t be possible to buy, but above all To avoid having to stock up! My wife has invested in a reading light, but I need to touch the paper.”

Natalie Daguilon, President of the Northern Reading Caucus:

“Since December and the opening of the media library, we have almost restored the number of users of the old media library, despite the health crisis. But we are also attracting readers from other places. They come to discover the new equipment”

Rue du Solaire in Clermont-Ferrand
Such as. :
Access: bus stop 21 or 24 / Hauts de Chanturgue, tram stop / Hauts de Chanturgues. Parking and C.vélo station.

general reading policy

The Media Library project is part of the implementation of the Clermont Auvergne-Metropole Public Reading Policy. It is based on a regional planning approach, incorporated into seven “reading areas” consisting of 15 media and library libraries.
In the North Basin, the first phase of the program began with the opening of the Aimee Césaire media library in Blanczate in January 2013, followed by the expansion of the Alphonse Daoudet media library in Jarzat in 2019. In addition, last May, Metropole opened the new media library in Pont-du- Chateau.

Practical information from the media library

Free entry, free wi-fi, automatic document borrowing, free internet access, youth area, group work room.

To borrow from home: it is necessary to register for the card, valid for 12 months and in all metropolitan media libraries, which allows unlimited borrowing of documents for a period of four weeks and free access on site or at home to online digital resources.

excellent For Swiss Novelist Joel Decker, No. 1 Sales of ‘The Alaskan Sanders Affair’: ‘Reading Opens Up to Others’

Full price: €10 (persons residing, working or educated in Metropol) / €30 (outside Metropole).

Free for under 18s, social minimum recipients, job seekers, and students.

Text and photos by Cecil Bergenoux

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