Sophie Juncker and Anthony Romaniuk, Anti-Isolation Recital - News - Alirex

Sophie Juncker and Anthony Romaniuk, Anti-Isolation Recital – News – Alirex

On the occasion of the festival proposed by Radio Musiq3, the duo of Sophie Junker and Anthony Romaniuk in Flagey (formerly Maison de la radio at Ixelles) give a concert on the theme of solitude.

Were we created to live alone? Can music isolate itself on the record? Can being alone, isolated from our peers, lead us to some form of insanity?

To answer these broad questions, the musical duo (sound and keyboards) examine potential exchanges and sudden pairings of bells between vocals, ukulele, piano and also Fender Rhodes (electric piano), changing styles and genres (working on their proximity). As flexible and surprising as the propositions on keyboards, Belgian soprano Sophie Juncker calls for cultural interconnectedness, from Joseph Chabanseau de la Barre to Barbara, among the languages ​​of Purcell, Debussy, The Beatles, Braille, Ravel, Forrey, and Sati. ..

Three keyboards and three eras of music, present on stage as the duo arrive and introduce themselves to the audience, announce the skill of the choices in the programme: notably from Purcell with music for a while Accompanied by Anthony Romaniuk in Fender Rhodes who remembers the releases of Klaus Nomi. On the keyboard, tones fall in great variety, and Anthony Romanek seems to enjoy the musical genres, detached and absorbed in the brilliance and wit of his music: one hand on the piano keyboard, the other on the ukulele, foot already ready to press the Fender Rhodes pedal, the keyboardist plays the music.

Thus the program follows a path around a topicinsulation (to be heard like the English word, meaning solitude) but it is detailed above all on the great agility on the voice of the soprano. Sophie Juncker, of the Royal Higher Conservatory of Music and Pedagogy in Namur, but also of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, has marked her career with a special love for Handel, the source of a journey through the ages here of music, and the transmission of her highly personal timbre to more contemporary times. Its vocal signature is based on a very subtle and tight vibrato, its upright flexibility attests to successful Baroque shaping, breathing is always controlled, form is thrown, and the emotion is very present. Rich, steady and elegant, the singer’s voice transforms throughout the concert and clues while maintaining her style that takes on a special meaning here: so many stories and craziness to feel just one human being.

And so the union of genres and the rich duo, solitude on the wrong foot, approached, giving in an hour the rare poetry of the recital, so human, and almost uniting at last: mobilizing the enthusiasm of the public for this.

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