How much does electric scooter insurance cost?

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Cost is one of the main criteria to consider before insuring an electric scooter. The price of this contract varies according to several criteria that you must know in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Here’s what you need to know about electric scooter insurance rates.

Electric Scooter Insurance: Variable cost according to warranties and insurance companies

Each insurance company remains free to set its own premiums for electric scooters according to the guarantees offered and the additional services offered. If you want to get a compulsory civil liability guarantee, it will cost you about fifty euros a year. Plan to pay an annual premium of between €100 and €150 if you add driver and damage cover. For a contract that includes theft, damage and fire coverage, calculate the cost of at least €130 per year to insure the electric scooter.

Other basic criteria for determining the insurance price of electric scooters

Aside from warranties and insurance companies, there are many other factors that go into calculating the cost of electric scooter insurance. This includes the purchase price of this machine, and the area in which you plan to use it, limits or does not reach 25 km / h. Take, for example, an electric scooter bought for 840 euros and traveling at a speed of less than 25 km / h. According to a simulation conducted by lesferets on the website of the insurance company Luko, the monthly cost of a third-party formula for this formula is 4.16 euros. For an equation of all risks, it is necessary to calculate 14.60 euros / month for such a device.

How do I get the best insurance rate for an electric scooter?

To take advantage of the best offer when getting insurance to buy an electric scooter, you have to compete. For this, it is important to compare the offers of different insurance companies in the market. With this in mind, we advise you to use insurance comparison services for electric scooters by filling out the form provided to you. Upon receiving the quotes that will be sent to you, you will analyze each of them down to the smallest detail in order to choose your contract with complete knowledge of the facts.



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